S4E27: Going Live 100 Days and Elgato Stream Deck Tutorial

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India Delgado is a force of nature and she livestreamed for 100 days in a row and every episode was worth watching. There are YouTubers who only do one video a month and they can’t even claim that. It is my pleasure to have India on the show to talk about her 100 day streaming adventure and about one of our favorite tools, the Elgato Stream Deck. If you are live streaming with Ecamm, OBS, or any other streaming software, the Stream Deck makes your life easier. But it is also a Swiss Army knife of awesome for other applications as well. I use it with Final Cut Pro. Need to play sound samples during your live stream, check. control your Twitch stream, check, chat on Discord, check, change PowerPoint slides, check. What do you want to do? You could even write your own plugins for this if that was your thing. We will talk about fun ways to use the Stream Deck.

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S3E23: A Minute on the Internet 2021

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A minute on the Internet in 2021

You ever think about what happens in one minute on the Internet. Really quite amazing.



  • 267 babies will be born, not on the Internet but of them 10 are probably being live streamed and another 10 on Zoom for grandparents to see the birth.
  • There will be approximately 3.8 million searches on Google and 100 of them will actually look at the second page of search results.
    400+ new users will sign up for Facebook and later post something they regret not in that same minute though probably.
  • About 86,000 tweets will be sent and 80,000 will offend someone. The other no one even saw as the person made their twitter account private. It is very lonely tweeting to yourself.
  • About 500 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube. 275 of which are Minecraft videos and the other 125 are cat videos and the rest are music videos by artists you have never heard of.
  • According to Statista, 28,000 subscribers are watching Netflix of them most are watching the Queen’s Gambit, again.
  • 695,000 posts will be done in Instagram and of them 100,000+ wonder why you aren’t watching their “reels”
  • 69 million messages are sent on Facebook Messenger and What’s app. 10 of the are from little kids saying mom, its time to pick me up from school
    2 million views on Twitch and of them 99,000 are women in bikinis in hot tubs while most of the rest of living in their parent’s basement.
  • And 197 million emails were sent, of which 200 million where spam.

On its 30th anniversary, the Internet has 1.8 Billion websites


It was thirty years ago last week that Tim Berners Lee created the first web site. It was a proof of concept and later a place for cat videos.

“On August 6, 1991, he launched the world’s first website, http://info.cern.ch , it was dedicated to information on his World Wide Web project.”

Intel is making their own graphics processor to compete with Nvidia and AMD in the gaming space. Intel Arc. it will support real time ray tracing something only Nvidia claimed for a long time before games would even support it. The bright side is maybe, this will lead to some competition and lower the prices of graphics cards. Then again, maybe not. It will probably not be good at math as it probably has the math co-processor from the first pentium chip. (for those that don’t know the first Pentium processors had a floating point math issue and because of that they were never used by NASA for the Space Shuttle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_FDIV_bug


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