S2: EP4 How to Publish a Book with Amazon or Not

CreatespaceIn this Episode we talk with Author Charlotte Ehney who has published two books using Amazon’s Createspace. Createspace allows you to create a paperback version of your eBook. Charlotte talks about the process and what her inspirations are. While this may seem a short episode, there is a lot of good material about the writing process and the publishing process. Enjoy. Thanks for listening. And no, Amazon didn’t pay me to publish this episode. Sheesh.

Here are links to Charlotte’s current books on Amazon available as both eBook and Paperback.

Here is her Facebook page:
Her Blog:
Her GoodReads Author Profile page


Charlotte Ehney, Author

Charlotte holding a Paperback copy of her book, Blood Adversaries.


And here is a really good article that goes step by step through the process.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Book Publishing with Createspace

Episode 1 Season 2: Alexa, can you hear me?

Alexa Voice Commands

In this Episode:

Alexa lands at Roy’s house and they mostly get along. Adventures in Voice Assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google Now, Google Home), Virtual Assistants, and trying to get them to tell you what you really want to hear or know. Plus we learn Amazon’s Alexa makes a great DJ if you are in the mood for Heavy Metal Christmas, Heavy Metal Classical Music, or the Chris Tomlin station. Actually you find she is really good at all things music. Quite fun there. Be sure to listen to the end for the “Moment of Zen”.


Alexa is taking part in a murder investigation

Alexa buys you a doll house

How to keep Alexa from buying stuff