S5E20: How to Be Consistent with Content Creation

#TechTroublemaker #ContentCreation #How-Tos #ecammfam

Do you struggle to consistently make content for your YouTube Channel?

Let’s talk about getting consistent. This episode we talk about ways to organize your content and how to try and not make your life a nightmare in the process. The goal is to make content consistently so your community will know when you are going to have videos for them to watch. For example, this show has been going live on Tuesday nights for over two years. So my community knows hey, Roy has a show on tonight?

Let’s go watch.

S5E19: Panic at the Discord Server

#TechTroublemaker #ContentCreation #How-Tos #discord #ecammfam

My Guest this week is Keely Dunn (known online as the @DiscordCoach ) who is going to help us get a jump start on Discord so you Don’t Panic at the Discord (see what I did there). We will talk about what the heck is Discord? Why you want to use it (even if you don’t know that you do)? And some Discord basics. Wouldn’t it be neat to use Discord for a Live Stream Pre-Show? How about if you do tech support for a product? Have your customers visit your Discord server to ask Questions. Say what? Yeah, let’s do some Discord Basics and get you started.

Keely Dunn is a multi-preneur content creator. As FHumpires (pronounced “Eff Heich Umpires”), she educates field hockey umpires, players, coaches and fans worldwide and supports umpires to perform at their best.

As the Discord Coach, she’s coaching creative entrepreneurs to build invaluable Discord communities around their courses and memberships. Here are some of the amazing places online you can find her:

Web: Discord Coach | https://sleek.bio/discordcoach

Discord: https://discordcoach.com/ds

YT: https://youtube.com/@discordcoach

IG: https://www.instagram.com/discordcoach

TW: https://twitter.com/DiscordCoach