S5E19: Panic at the Discord Server

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My Guest this week is Keely Dunn (known online as the @DiscordCoach ) who is going to help us get a jump start on Discord so you Don’t Panic at the Discord (see what I did there). We will talk about what the heck is Discord? Why you want to use it (even if you don’t know that you do)? And some Discord basics. Wouldn’t it be neat to use Discord for a Live Stream Pre-Show? How about if you do tech support for a product? Have your customers visit your Discord server to ask Questions. Say what? Yeah, let’s do some Discord Basics and get you started.

Keely Dunn is a multi-preneur content creator. As FHumpires (pronounced “Eff Heich Umpires”), she educates field hockey umpires, players, coaches and fans worldwide and supports umpires to perform at their best.

As the Discord Coach, she’s coaching creative entrepreneurs to build invaluable Discord communities around their courses and memberships. Here are some of the amazing places online you can find her:

Web: Discord Coach | https://sleek.bio/discordcoach

Discord: https://discordcoach.com/ds

YT: https://youtube.com/@discordcoach

IG: https://www.instagram.com/discordcoach

TW: https://twitter.com/DiscordCoach

S5E18: Mastering the Art of Live Interviews

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes because they will turn out to be something other than you expect. Having met Doc Rock in person, I can tell you he is exactly what I expected and that is what makes him amazing. He is authentic and a truth teller who hits you with it square between the eyes. Sometimes that is what you need. As Doc says, “Your excuse is valid, now what?”

In this video, Doc Rock and I are sharing insider secrets on how to interview guests like a pro. We’ll show you how to gather interesting information, keep your guests on their toes, and get the most out of your interviews.

If you’re interested in podcasting or want to improve your interviewing skills, then you need to watch this video! We’ll show you how to take your interviews from average to amazing, and get the most out of your guests!

#TechTroublemaker #ContentCreation #How-Tos #noexcuses #ecammfam

My guest this week is content creator extraordinaire and Content Creation Coach, @DocRock  whose “tough love” approach to content creation means creators hear what they need to hear to do their very best.

If you don’t follow Doc Rock on all of his cribs, what is wrong with you? On this episode we talk about at least 5 clever ways to get the most out of your interviews when interviewing guests. Often you may have a guest on your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram videos or a Podcast and you want to ask the best questions to ensure you benefit your audience the most and take advantage of the guest’s time their are sharing on your show. What are some great ice breaker questions? What is the importance of the follow-up question? Don’t waste time asking Yes or No questions.

Doc Rock is a great interviewer with so much career built experience. Watch and benefit from “mic drop” truth bombs that will elevate your interview skills. Who is  @DocRock  ? YouTube: https://docrock.live/YouTube Facebook: https://docrock.live/group LinkedIn: https://docrock.live/linkedin Instagram: https://docrock.live/insta Twitter: https://docrock.live/twt

Doc Rock is not only the Ecamm Live Community Manager, he is a Creator on a serious mission to remove the friction of the creation process. His 4-decade career spands over several industries, including TV, Radio, Film, and Podcasting. Intently focused on making content creation accessible to all skill levels, audiences love Doc’s practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally. When he is not teaching how amazing Ecamm Live (My favorite and the best Livestreaming, screen recording software for Mac OS), he is teaching creators how to create their very best content, to not get fixated on things that are merely distractions but how to focus on the things that matter. Life is short, make amazing content.