Me And Baby CookingHey, welcome to the blog of Roy W. Richardson. This will serve as his about page and he will type a little bit in third person as well, that seems to be expected. But really he hates that. STOP

Okay, that is enough. I can’t do that. Hi, my name is Roy aka aroyrichardson. I am a so called expert on Technology and I am a practicing Christian. I am not an expert on the Christian faith but I try to consistently read, study, and pray. From time to time I am asked to speak about my Faith.

On the Technology side, I am a geek who loves technology and gadgets. Starting off with a Commodore Vic 20 and then working my way up to IBM clones and Apple Macintosh computers. Eventually I put my hands on a world of Microsoft servers running Exchange, SQL, IIS, Proxy, System Management Server, Site Point, and anything else you can think of that runs on a Microsoft platform. When I got bored with Microsoft products I moved over to UNIX (HP-UX, True64, AIX, Solaris, and BSD) , Linux (Red Hat and Debian flavors), and MySQL and Oracle databases while supporting ERP applications as a Basis admin for SAP. I am now working with ChromeOS, Android OSes, Mac OSes, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. I have built and managed websites for others. Now it is my turn.

When I am not managing big data centers, or handling both large and small, I teach Computer Technology classes at a local Technical college and I am the author of “WordPress from Setup To Website” currently available exclusively on Amazon. I am currently working on a Linux textbook that covers Linux scripting and how to learn Linux using Raspberry Pi.

My wife and I were featured in the Geeks in Love article in February 2010 ComputerWorld.

Disclosure: I have my moments of being a Google and sometimes Apple Fanboy. I do not work for either and I carry an Android phone, have a Nexus 7 tablet, but I also have a Kindle, an iPad, and I have gone through a series of iPod devices. I use what ever works best for what I am doing at the time. Consuming content and watching movies seems best on an iPad to me, but reading a book seems to work on the 7 inch form factor of a Nexus or Kindle. Your mileage may vary. Both Google and Apple and Amazon have their faults and I usually point them out. Every device is a  trade-off of some type. There is yet to be one device to rule them all.

Me with KitKat

I am from South Carolina but I travel some to the North East, Midwest, and the West Coast. Where ever I am, I will blog from there. Here is a picture of my recent trip to Mountview, CA. I got to spend a little time on the Google Campus.

20 MinutesI will attempt to write at least three days a week to this site. Ideally I will write daily but life happens. In the year 2015 I have a personal goal of writing 20 minutes a day. I don’t always devote my 20 minutes to my blog as I post on other sites as well. Additionally I blog for other sites so sometimes they get my time but I will post a link on the site so that all roads eventually lead to here. If you want to find me check out my social media links to my profile on other places. I try to be social. I also try to be sociable.

 How to Contact me:
Email: richardson.royw “at” gmail.com

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