S4E27: Going Live 100 Days and Elgato Stream Deck Tutorial

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India Delgado is a force of nature and she livestreamed for 100 days in a row and every episode was worth watching. There are YouTubers who only do one video a month and they can’t even claim that. It is my pleasure to have India on the show to talk about her 100 day streaming adventure and about one of our favorite tools, the Elgato Stream Deck. If you are live streaming with Ecamm, OBS, or any other streaming software, the Stream Deck makes your life easier. But it is also a Swiss Army knife of awesome for other applications as well. I use it with Final Cut Pro. Need to play sound samples during your live stream, check. control your Twitch stream, check, chat on Discord, check, change PowerPoint slides, check. What do you want to do? You could even write your own plugins for this if that was your thing. We will talk about fun ways to use the Stream Deck.

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