S4E7: How to tell stories using YouTube

#TechTroublemaker #Livestreaming #Storytelling

Do your videos tell a story? Heather Roma from “Turning Scenes” will talk us through how to tell a story through your YouTube videos. Through the art of storytelling you can make your videos more engaging for your viewers and increase watch time. Turn your video ideas into storytelling, even your how-to videos can tell a story that draws the viewer in. Heather Roma from “Turning Scenes” will walk us through the basics of the storytelling process. Maybe there is even a way to tell a story using live video, Heather?

If you would like to know more about “Turning Scenes” Heather’s course on how to create stories (especially if you want to write scripts like she does for movies and TV shows), then her course will get you to the next steps then visit her here, https://www.facebook.com/turningscenes/

This was a really great episode where I learned a lot about storytelling. I hope you enjoy it.