S5E14: Crafting Your Avatar, Your Ideal Audience

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In this episode we talk about crafting your ideal viewer avatar. What is an avatar? In this case it isn’t some blue creatures from another world fighting to save their ecosystem, instead, it is defining who your content is ultimately for and building a profile to make sure you focus on creating content for them first and foremost. Here is the worksheet. https://techtroublemaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/AvatarsWorksheet.xlsx

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S5E12: You should be doing Video Podcasts to YouTube

We talk about why you should be creating video Podcasts on YouTube With my guest, Steve Worthy, of @PodcastersLIVE  we will talk about Podcasting in 2023 and how the future of Podcasting is Video. YouTube Podcasts and Spotify are doubling down on “video podcasts” and we will talk about how you can optimize your videos for audio podcasts as well.

Will this replace Apple Podcasts? Let’s talk.