S2E10: Death of a Podcast

The Last Episode of the One-Off Technology Podcast? Maybe. This episode talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly that is/was the One-Off Technology Podcast and ends with a big thank you to all of our many listeners and a survey to find out if what you thought we did right or wrong and if we should start over.

The One-Off Technology podcast was first broadcast on February 27, 2016. First season covered a gambit of things, from how to start a podcast, how this one went together, complaints about software and software companies, hardware and hardware companies. We also talked about how to keep your computer safe, cool things you can do with Raspberry Pi computers and about 3D printing.

S1E5 Part 1 was the most popular episode of the entire series. Over the course of the series, we have nearly 1,000 unique users download the podcast but to be honest, only about 244 folks consistently downloaded the podcast. This is only the stats from iTunes Podcasts. We are also on Stitcher and Google Play and we have no easy way to track our success there. Something I plan to fix should we attempt this experiment again.

Episode 9 was the least downloaded episode. I want to thank all of our listeners but I especially want to thank the 36 who downloaded an episode that appeared out of nowhere. Basically there was a 7 month gap between episode 8 and episode 9. To make matters worse, episode 9 was recorded but unedited for over six months. My life had become so hectic and I had lost faith in the podcast. I know and sadly knew that in order for a podcast to gain and keep traction, it had to be consistent and released on an expected schedule whether that been weekly or biweekly or whatever, consistently. Oh, and it had to be interesting.

My issue is that I am interested in so many things. How do you create a podcast that is a catch all for every interest that you have? I often considered doing two or three different podcast titles so I could cover more topics and not steal from one title. But until I can do one podcast consistently it is not time to branch out into other topics.

The other issues with the podcast are the title. What did the title even mean? Also the title was too long to create a Twitter account or an Instagram account. I created a Facebook account but most of the material was the same stuff I posted on my page on Facebook so nothing to drive folks to it really.

Also I lack the art of self promotion. Yes, I see how people hype things but hyping myself is not something I am comfortable with. I am not the greatest things since sliced bread and so to say such things would be lies and I prefer to be my true self. Let the topic be the interesting thing and the way we present it. That was the hope.

I did a survey in some areas where I post frequently asking what people wanted to hear a technology podcast talk about. The winner, Windows patching. Seriously?

More Experiments in Social Media

In recent months I have acquired three things I now use for social media, the first Amplifr.com, which replaced my yearly subscription to Hootsuite. As I am not selling a product and because I have a habit of not blogging as often as I should, I can’t really afford to pay yearly fees in order to schedule my social media posts. AppSumo gave me a deal on Amplifr for a lifetime membership and I jumped on it. Rather than pay yearly for what Hootsuite was doing, I could essentially accomplish the same thing using Amplifr. I am able to post content way ahead of time. I try my best to make sure when I post something that is in going out in the future that it doesn’t have time bombed information, stuff that is only important at the time it was published and may have no relevance in a week or two when it finally lands on my social sites. This has worked pretty well.

Amplifr Posting






My only real complaint is it doesn’t break out each social media site by when it would be the best time to post to them. Instead, it shows me the best time as a collective.

Posting Recommended Times Amplifr











So today at 1 pm would be the best time to post, the best time to post to what? Twitter, Facebook? LinkedIn? It doesn’t say. So I post and I hope for the best. Also, it counts my Personal Facebook account posts as well. As that isn’t my true platform, this information isn’t useful. I would like a way to exclude my personal account.

Next, I use a plugin for WordPress called Social Warfare Pro.  Sadly this is a yearly charge type thing and I don’t have a lifetime membership so this costs me money. SocialWarfare Plugin

What Social Warfare does is make it easy for my readers to share my content on social media. It gives me options to highlight something I would like to post as a quote and to designate a picture for each post and platform (though creating optimally sized image files for each Social Network is a pain).



Here is an example of the interface for it and working on verbiage on what to have it post if someone clicks on my sharing links.

Customizing Images for Social Media


It also shows how many times something has been shared to different social media platforms and it works with Pinterest so you can optimize an image for Pinterest.

This works pretty well and I am pretty excited when I get high share counts on a post. Sharing means caring, remember that for any blog you are a fan of.

Lastly, I am now using a product called Missinglettr which creates social media campaigns and reports older content at intervals to get more potential readers. It perhaps shares my old content too much but I think it is a learning process on my part that I still need to work on. It recommends hashtags for me to use and shows me the popularity of various hashtags to show if they are good picks or not. Additionally, it will allow me to turn my posts into postings for Medium.com. I don’t publish over there enough so I like this option. The algorithm and I have some meeting in the middle to do in order to tweak it and they have asked for feedback which I have provided. I believe this will become a very good product.


The key for me is that I need to post more often so that it has content to send out. Rehashing really old blog and podcast posts may not be as useful if the content is somehow dated. So I will keep plugging away and see if it accomplishes my needs.