S5E20: How to Be Consistent with Content Creation

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Do you struggle to consistently make content for your YouTube Channel?

Let’s talk about getting consistent. This episode we talk about ways to organize your content and how to try and not make your life a nightmare in the process. The goal is to make content consistently so your community will know when you are going to have videos for them to watch. For example, this show has been going live on Tuesday nights for over two years. So my community knows hey, Roy has a show on tonight?

Let’s go watch.

S5E14: Crafting Your Avatar, Your Ideal Audience

#contentcreators #techtroublemaker #avatar

In this episode we talk about crafting your ideal viewer avatar. What is an avatar? In this case it isn’t some blue creatures from another world fighting to save their ecosystem, instead, it is defining who your content is ultimately for and building a profile to make sure you focus on creating content for them first and foremost. Here is the worksheet. https://techtroublemaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/AvatarsWorksheet.xlsx

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