S3E7: The Age of Content Creation

S3E7 The Age Of Content CreationSo do you have a podcast? How about a YouTube Channel? Maybe you are huge over on TikTok? Or Instagram or Twitter? You may even be getting followers on Facebook.

During the pandemic something happened. We all went stir crazy and a lot of us started that blog or created that podcast or started posting on a YouTube channel. 

In a Psychology Today article https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/science-choice/202004/5-benefits-boredom They outlined five benefits of boredom. 

  1. Boredom can improve our mental health. How? But allowing us to turn off all distractions and pull away from our phones and social media
  2. It can increase creativity. How? When we are able to reflect internally and really think about ourselves, it can spark creativity. It allows us to think of things in different ways than what we may have previously.
  3. Boredom causes us to seek novelty as we look for new things to occupy our time.
  4. It motivates us to pursue new goals. Psychology Today stats a 2014 study found that boredom often means we are not doing what we really want to do.
  5. Boredom helps us with our self control skills. Basically if we learn how to deal with boredom we will be better able to handle self control and self regulate ourselves.

I will link in the show notes so you can read more.

The point is, while we were trapped in our houses many of us became bored and we dealt with it in different ways, binge watching Netflix or Disney+ (which saw 100 million subscribers during the pandemic). Or maybe you decided to piddle around the garage, the living room, the office. Maybe you considered starting a podcast or a youtube channel.

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Here is an AI generated transcript for the podcast. Either I need to speak more clearly or I really talk wrong.





Hey this is Roy Richardson, this is the one on technology, podcast live, and today’s topic is about the age of content creation. I think I take my headphones off. Think I think by now                



I can. I can. I have a feeds us out what’s going on even in transit, so do you have a podcast,                



the habit, a you tube channel, or maybe your huge overall tick, tock                



or instagram or twitter?                



Heaven forbid. He might even be big on facebook, because facebook discovered video recently and so dern pandemic. Something happen. We we all went, stir crazy and a lot of us. I mean really. A lot of us started blogs a week started, create a podcast or you do                



channel or we started blogging every day, and so here we are we’ve gotten through majority the pandemic. Hopefully, hopefully we got to the pandemic and we are all vaccinated up or we’re social. This thing enough to stay away from catching the virus or we headed and we built an immunity to it. And so here we are                



are the golden age of content, creation                



of technology podcast. We’re has ruben patterson each week. They cover topics, news,                



sit back, relax open your mouth,                



you turn a pandemic, we were bored for a while. In fact, our psychology today has an article talks about the five benefits of boredom. First of all, boredom can improve your mental health. How, by allowing assaulted her off all distractions,                 



the turn off our phones to get away for social media and just have time and then second of all, it can increase creativity. How well were able to inflict real reflect on ourselves internally,                



then we really think vr sales. I could spark creativity, we get. We like our minds you to wander if, if we’re not constantly bombarding it with information than our minds get to wander, and we have new ideas that we might not normally have and so good stuff, and then it also causes us boredom.                



Third thing is epic: boredom causes us to seek the novelty to seek his ass. We look for new things, act, power, tab. You know it’s not really. I mean near when I’m bored I’m trying to find the next thing that next thing this can you retain me and you? It also motivates                



us pursue new goals, because when we’re bored, then you’re gonna, two thousand fourteen study psychology. Today, if they was mentioned that they found the boredom often means that we’re not do what we really want to do, and so here I can are very fit there. With the pandemic, lots of people had opportunities to can reevaluate themselves                



s a figure out what really made sense for them and last boredom also helps with our self control skills. And basically, if we learn how to deal with boredom, then we fear f, troll how self regulate.                



This is a one of technology podcast and I am warehouse ravages than at each week as much an intro                



yeah. We talk about tech topics in the news and how they affect you. So I assume links and show notes. I cannot take forceful about the theo                



about boredom the fat fat. Things forbid if it’s boredom case your interest than that, and so the point is, is we been trapped in our houses in minneapolis became bored and we we dealt with it in different ways. We began binge watching netflix or dizzy, plus dizzy plus grew over a hundred                 



man. Subscribers                



turn a pandemic. It’s it’s like sneaking up on netflix, which has about two hundred million subscribers and a week we’ve been washed everything netflix has a or maybe even pedaling, around your garage or your apartment or your living room or your office and maybe started doing crave. Endeavors you been new arts, air                



and that kind of stuff and save even find different things, and I to quit. Do that same thing? It’s what caused me to revamp a podcast. There had been offline for over a year,                



a few less world of yo, the first two seasons of the podcast who are were back season three. This is episode seven and I’m really excited I’m like this is great. I want to do the podcast again, I my my juices craved were flowing and I’m back in the mix and apart                



gaskin and I wanna say thank you. Thank you so much to all the people there have been describing him up. I guess I may I would have thought you would go dormant and people are subscribing. So, thank you so much read this. The audio of this podcast is available on apple park. Yes, of course, google podcast                



did sure spotify and amazon                



during the pandemic. I went and started back toward working on my podcast, but I also got excited to get my youtube channel backup rang again and after last month I have been participating in elite, a challenge and, and leader word is laugh every day april and they have                



have a challenge oftentimes in august as well live every day in august, and so I’ve been doing yeah, I decided two weeks ago or so three weeks now I would just do my podcast life and then I would do the audio take that audio and supplier cut it down                



then released that neil daria from this to their momma. Let you go crazy. Why                



I’m an analyst this has been our fun and listening out dirt appear to tell him. Also I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading different sources. I’ve been watching lots of. Ah here are shown candle videos on you, they’re their own advil watch a live stream pros.                



I’ve been watching a impartial geek. Also think media impartial geek last year in pros will watch all those course. I was kind of something happened between laughter pros and dave. They have foster and so he’s gone off on his own and very much follow david he’s due it’s really cool stuff out. I’ve loria I gollum they’re great,                



so I have no bone to pick any of those um                



but he’ll different things and people are looking for. How can I turn my podcast or I can turn my life streams in two? No source of income and saving people think wow. I can magically become a youtube star. Indian people just go                



watch my video and I know from personal experience that you’re. Currently it is my third live video for this channel and I’ve done views and pass fact. I have one crazy video that has fifteen thousand plus views, and then I have another video that has five thousand views, but then I must most movies are few                



somewhere between eleven, the house and a hundred plus, and so it’s yeah. It’s a challenge here, trying to ah yeah. I want to deftly make contact before a watch and a lot of things on my youtube channel are tutorials, and so I’m gonna be publishing a lot more. Those and us be                



are recorded content and that my laugh streaming, but this is my life’s dream, and                



so, when you go through like the leader challenge, for example, we each day has a different challenge and you have to go through and find talk about. The things that make you you                



yeah loria says you, uniquely you you’re trying to make a video that is lynn. Uniquely you, this news show personality, share your facial expressions. I like the taco, my hands hello there. How you doing is a vague idea of us not making you crazy.                



I talk with my hands. I do and then year the face, expressions, inflections away, say things way too excited or not, and I am excited because this whole process has been so amazing, so we’re new introduction, video, hey my name, is view bro richardson                



yeah and I was stiff as a board when I did that first, video for delete a challenge, and now I have opened up a lot more, an know and I’ve gotten worse know. The leader chao has led me to finally break down and hit the record button because I had been fearful. I have been trying                



perfect everything. If you look at my set up, I have literally you would think my hobby was collecting things to be alive streamer, as opposed to actually being a live streamer, because I’ve got lights, bring lights, soft boxes, I’ve got to give different know. I                



I’m investing in a new computer immediately. My mac book pro is seven years old. Okay, I have been using it right now. I’m doing have used it. I pushed it literally when I get ready to do this. I have to shut the hell every program this now since                



in order to free up memory and free up cpu and get this done so I’m excited because I’m getting ready, get a mac mini and in later upset I’ll talk about watch as a mac mini over may be waiting for the new imax, which will be available for sale this week on the thirtieth of those people that are at I do.                



I love the colors. I will get a purple one.                



I just thought the purples was awesome looking and I would have done that, but it didn’t make sense because I’ve invested so much in different pieces, and so                



I can’t make the jump to that yet,                



but a mac mini will get me where I need to be, and allow me to do video, editing and streaming and use my fair software, which is e cam laugh, which is what I used from allow streaming or mac. If I were our pc, I probably v mix, I try to bs. No bs crashed a lot, it’s a guy                



good program and if you are with their budget, oh bs is definite waco and so there’s so many people out there now on youtube, who are releasing videos to tell you how to be a you tuber had each of first, our subscribers um you how to do thumbnails, which is something I’ve got work on a very weak                



with illness may say bath. There get some hints for me, I’m open form and you there are joke this. It’s literally the age of consecration. You can’t just take your phone and record vs here. I’ve been doing some streams on                



facebook use. My phone calls me on the phone. Facebook were it out because I like to do landscape mode. It’s really important me landscape mode. For some reason, I don’t know why I get so crazy about that little new box in thing that you give you to your phone and proof in in portrait mode, and so                



yes, that’s that’s where I’m at and yeah I’m near slowly been collecting pieces of gear to try to have a great string me set up a missing a high end. Camera and a camera have to wait because I have to get consistent in putting our county                



went to justify figure a way to spend that kind of money, and so now here is that you have done this and- and I really want to do my best at this and so- and the rain different books um of, for example, I read the hook point brendan king                



hi talks about how to cover the hook point, how you bring people in to usher caught it. He had a book how to have had to get a million subscribers or of like that out there somewhere. I basically I’m gonna go out craig video hype, it up big time and get a man subscribers                



and, I                



think, that’s cool, but I don’t know that. I want amazed subscribers                



I’d rather have a thousand people that really dig my content in in grow organically                



and and that’s what I would prefer to do and then also um also read: let go back powerfully and pat flynn a low power plant. He just did three hundred sixty five days of live streaming every day. He would come on and they’ll laugh string for about an hour and a half any alarm. Hats, some really                



excellent content. Any I q and a sessions any worked at the whole thing in it, put a lot of work into trying to accomplish that year in a big fan of of path flynn and just really enjoyed that journey with him and a catching catching a lab. When I up to eighty, sometimes I’d go back a watch. If the topic                



is that thumbnail, that thumbnail and that title or what pull me in as of now watch this episode, I’m while occupying watch every pamphlet, video, it is always the thumbnail and the title that bring people in to get them to watch the videos and so really awesome that                



it’s a good book by the way, I’m also I am of the books I read of of read. Now you tube should secrets by sean o’connell anna bends. You travis,                



oh, that hurt my feelings little bit because it say: oh well, you shall record videos for people within ten years of your age, I’m like well, I don’t think so. I think I can appeal to a bigger bigger audience, and so that may be challenged and maybe the challenge, because my topics are usually                



relevant and things are happening in the news and um I work in I t abernathy a long time. I were very hard to be tech savvy and keep up with less risk technologies, and so this one ensure that another book that I’m reading right now is the you two formula by darryl eaves                



that book. If you are youtube, content creator is amazing. First of all, you may not know this, but then I met this in the last episode.                



You tube is the world’s second largest search engine, so people do searches on youtube, all town, trying to find specific videos                



and there’s, like millions of searches every day on you tube trying to find videos about split, a specific topic, or you know the celebrity or whatever your whatever you’re into and so to me, that’s wow army, and so the thing about the youtube algorithm in this book goes in there                



detail about. Is that when you upload a video it das sexy video I’ll give you example. If my video has a stop sign in it,                



you youtube. Isn’t I used to think that youtube just went to description in the thumbnail and and set up the algorithms like that, but no, it goes so far beyond where, if you have us a stop sign                



in your video and semi deserts search for stop sign                



if your video is had if iraqis your video may come up, even though you may not mention the word, stop sign anywhere in your video, but because youtube is literally going through and analyzing your video frame by frame and finding out. What’s really in your current it, I mean really                



going through your videos frame by frame and fannie. I was in your content, and so this book is born. Oh man, you you’ve, gotta, read it. It goes into great detail, am now a sexual. It tells me how to to relief format. My channel had a bill, my channel, how to do keyword, searches and so                



yeah. I’ve gotta start thinking about that process and if I really want to be scientific about it in I’m a science guy, I realize be scientific about my processes and help us all together, and so I’m going to analyze the video and go through and then the other part. The book says is that we should go and found basically                



ten other you tubers, who do content, that’s similar to yours and take a look: how do the thumbnails, how the air videos and what all they do, that makes people watched his videos and you- and you know all like the old videos. You are like the vs on the last thirty to forty five days and why’s that, because our take                



dst change em, who just gone through a pandemic, so you may be in the things that you aren’t into before the pandemic. Like, for example, you may have a new thing: black cheesecake I’ve got eight fourteen flares a cheesecake. This is really important me with a year ago may on every tweet.                



I know that sounds crazy to this off the cuff said negative or nose was dry really are they were tight? So the point is is that this is a perfect time to be a content creator. If you are in the podcast space,                



spotify boat, anchored out fm,                



then so you can go and progress for free or anchor there are some limitations. Are some fixes catches. I recommend reading the fine print. Oh, it’s kind of a grey area where you actually own your podcast. If your personal ankara, film, theoretically, you do but the concern there is death,                



you might not end near you’ve. Got people are joe rogan, where spotify paid them paid him crazy amounts of money for him to be exclusive to spotify, because they’re pushing hard in the park airspace and last week or week before when apple made their announcements on the twentieth yeah.                



That was dead glass. We are with me today. You will apple made their announcements. They announced that people will described the podcast. So, as a pod, castor, you can set up a scripps, a subscription model on app on apple to samsung and apple, where people very forceful you had to pay twenty bucks,                



and then people can pay to subscribe to your podcast                



or they can be members, and you have exclusive content that only they get to hear. That’s not gonna be available anywhere else, and                



you know it makes ways for you to have an income stream may well, maybe maybe not nearby, but some people who for side hustles were gonna do outside of my day job that earns me some extra money while, for example,                



I’ve set up a buy me a coffee page because I won’t erase mind, buy a nice mirror less camera. To add to my you tube set up so that I can actually do better quality right now, I’m relying on some large tech, nine. Twenty cameras are seen on twenty cameras. They work well                



good, but you can’t do for k. You can’t do sixty frames per second,                



nothing. I wanna do sixty frames per second of all cape out yeah, I’m not I’m not running. This is the owner and jogging hey. Come watch me java inferno, my my aren’t her front of my camera. This is not the content that needs a new, truly high, end video, but it I want to have                



quality video                



mac. Peter was insane. I have quality video for you.                



There are watching. I also am a perfectionist and I wanna have the best quality possible for you.                



I don’t need the highest end of cameras. I just need something better than a web cam, but, like sean carroll says you gotta, you gotta hit that button. You can hit that button, a hit, recording and go record, and so that’s really important me now. If you’re enjoying this video, I would really appreciate if you are                



scratch, my channel,                



I’m going to come out lot more tutorials, that’s really what I’m wearing really get arrogant or ring the bell. He won’t be notified when I come out with a new video, so my plan is to do each week. This way in the in re, released audio content from this is my podcast                



and so yeah good times, and ah                



that deter ah imagine by the way. I am again as as thinner amro richardson. This has been one off tax packet and that’s it you look for me alone.                 



I am out there. Man, man, twitter and such handle is a richardson a on twitter. I am on instagram as a richardson. Some dad be the hero, richardson,                



um and yeah. That’s the best way touch me to send me a direct message and say: hi.                



Oh awesome, congratulations. Those folks are said invites the clubhouse. I hope you enjoy it be sure to follow me after you know, august said we were I following what you go in there and actually click on a link. So thank you so much for entering that contest. I’ll, be him another contest. Soon, where I’ll be giving away a google nest,                



many google home mini for your house, you need it. You know any one brand spanking new in the box that ah still sealed up and ready to go to your house so now nasa contest later and later date.                



Thank you! So much watching again, this was season three episode: seven and a sensors called the age of content creation. Thank you. So much watching. Fine                



listings, in a one off technology, podcast reasons for emergency services subscribe                






oh school teacher and spotify.                


Books mentioned in this episode. These are affiliate links so I might get some money toward buying a camera.

S3E6: Cashing in the Microchips

Welcome to the modern age. Guess what? Nearly everything you buy has microchips in them. Your cell phone, you probably knew, your microwave, maybe even your electric toothbrush. But did you think about how many computer chips it takes for a modern car? Your average car has at least 25 chips and some cars have as many as 50. Electronic fuel injection, your dashboard with all of its digital readings, Bluetooth? How many of us love to hook our phones to our cars using Bluetooth? Not to mention all of the laptops and computers we rushed to get when the pandemic said you will work from home or attend school virtual. Today we talk about cashing in the chips, bad tracking, and wow, the Earth sure looks different from 37 years ago.

Ever heard of just in time manufacturing? It is the concept where you only order so much raw materials or parts for your manufacturing so you don’t get stuck if the product doesn’t sell. When the pandemic struck the auto industry sensed it was going to sell a lot less cars and cancelled orders. So the chip industry slowed down production and still others retooled. And as we all went remote, they started making everything they could for computers and mobile devices. So now the autoCashing in the Microchips S3E6 industry is having to close plants for periods of time because they can’t make cars without these chips and as the pandemic hasn’t quite gone away completely Computer and mobile device makers have snapped up remaining supplies. 

The process of making these chips are highly specialized requiring robotics, automation, and extreme clean room environments. This means these chip companies can only make so much and the costs to build such facilities are billions (with a Big B) billions of dollars to build and they often take years to complete construction and testing before they can go full on production. 

In the end this means our devices will start to cost more and orders of new cars will drag out. Truck production appears to be the hardest hit so far with the auto industry. It may take even longer to get your Tesla and your iPad. On top of this the laws of supply and demand say if you can’t buy that new vehicle you will go out looking for a used vehicle and guess what, where there is a shortage, prices will go up. The US Government is stepping in and trying to throw money at the problem but time is the enemy in this case and we will see things go up in price as the laws of supply and demand squeeze other industries. This is a story we will probably revisit.

Chapter 2

I started using Google in 2001 or so. Before Google my search engine of choice was Alta Vista. If Digital Equipment Corporation had known what Google would become, it may have tried harder to do what it was doing with Alta Vista and if Compaq now HP hadn’t screwed it up, maybe just maybe. 

But you see Google is the top dog in search 90% of all search traffic. Sure you can search on Bing and Yahoo and even DuckDuckGo (which isn’t bad and doesn’t spy on you). But if you want to find it on the internet, Google is king. And with that, Google knows everything about us based on our search. The number two search engine in the world, YouTube, but that is a story for another day.

So the internet giants have been getting slowly beat up by the EU for privacy concerns and Congress has sort of picked up the mantra though they are a bit tech challenged. Apple has pushed to say they are the king of privacy and admittedly they are pushing this harder than others for potentially selfish reasons but let us say they mean well. So the browsers out there, Safari, Firefox, Brave, and others have been beating the drums on third party tracking cookies that sites use to track you even when you aren’t on their site. Facebook and Google use these. You can actually be tracked by Facebook and not even have a Facebook account. On a previous episode we talked about what Google knows about you.

So Google has decided privacy is a real thing and to handle that, they are coming out with a new way of anonymously tracking us. Now that sounds good but the issue is this is the form of a new tracking method called FLoC Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). This is basically kind of like a token and Google says, they will use it to lump your browsing with that of thousands of others and basically if your group of a thousand likes football and visits sports sites a lot, then Google will let advertisers know that your group likes football and sports. They supposedly won’t know its you (so they can’t build a digital profile of you) and Google gets to keep selling targeted ads. Yes, but since this is untested technology so to speak, we are the guinea pigs. Recently most of the non-Google Chrome browsers have said they are not going to support this technology. Does your privacy matter? Does it matter enough to get up on Chrome browser for other such as Edge. 


Minor rant: I hate to say it but I like Edge. I have been anti-Microsoft in certain camps and I loathed Internet Explorer but Chromium based (the underpinnings Chrome uses but open sources so anyone can use them) version of Edge is pretty good. It is not quite as memory hungry as Google and Microsoft claims to be seeking ways to improve privacy. So is it time to switch browsers? It is time to abandon Chrome. The jury is still out. I will say on my Mac I am using Safari more and more. It is not as feature rich but it doesn’t eat my Mac’s lunch when I am trying to record videos. 

And Google Search. Is it time to abandon Google Search? This is a tough call and I am not ready to let go. I don’t know why I can’t quit you.

Chapter 3

So in happy Google news, my love for Google Maps is undying. This past week Google Maps announced they had partnered with NASA, the US Geological Society, the EU, and other groups and obtained access to use their aerial photos of many places around the world. Now thanks to this in some parts of the world you can set up to the last 37 years in time lapse and see how the world has changed and in some major cases see how areas have been affected by urban sprawl and climate change. Really cool stuff. I will post links in the show notes.

Thanks so much for listening and if you saw me live, thank you so much for watching.