Why it is so hard to talk about our Christian faith

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This is the start of my Grace series:

When I started this blog I was torn. I felt lead to create a blog that involved me writing about my walk with Christ. But the Tech side of me wanted a place too. I thought the solution was to create one place. Now don’t Google it as it will just embarrass me but there are a lot of web addresses with variations on Faith and Technology out there. A smarter person would have researched this more perhaps but is what I wanted to call my site so no one had any reason not to expect the content they find here.

As I seem to build a slow following on Social Media, I began to feel uncomfortable posting things about my faith. Sure posting such things on a Sunday morning was one thing, posts like, “Go visit God’s House today, he is looking forward to seeing you” etc got me a few followers and a few retweets but not much. And sometimes I would post sentiments about my faith or links to Bible verses I ran across in my devotional reading. I usually did this in the early mornings when no one would really see them. Why? I didn’t want to turn people off from following me. What?!?

You see it is so easy to be scared in this modern day to share our faith. We don’t want to be persecuted or made fun of because of our beliefs. As we are often, myself included, unable to walk as faithfully in our journey as we should, sometimes we don’t talk about our faith because our actions and words don’t reflect our faith anyway. If being a Christian were a disease, a doctor would have trouble finding our symptoms. I have let God down so many times. I am not ashamed of my faith; instead I am ashamed I have not walked faithfully. And what makes it harder is that instead of Christians being persecuted in person as in so many countries around the world, we are allowing the media and other groups slowly put us in a box by removing opportunities for us to share our faith. Do I think America is a country that should be Christian, yes, but it isn’t going to happen. Prayer has been removed from our schools. We can’t display the Ten Commandments in places for fear of offending someone. It is so hard to share our faith when we worry about offending someone. But first of all, the best way to share our faith is to live it. Have it be woven into our every moment. A couple of days a go a pastor on the radio talked about how our Work and Faith are not one and the same. Basically as soon as we walk into our company’s front door, the Lord does not exist there. We spend so much more time at work than we do home and we certainly do not spend much time at Church. Jesus is our savior and we owe God everything for even letting us exist. Do you spend time praying every day? Do you spend time reading the Bible every day? Think about how often you think about Christ in your every day living? Do you go whole days without thinking of the Lord once? Only when we are close to God can we boldly speak about our faith and is our faith active in us. If you have no support system, it is hard to step out into the Light and explain who you are to others. God is with us.

I realized I was more concerned with followers on Social Media than I was with sharing my Christian beliefs. Because of this I allowed the devil to convince me not to post about God on my blog and on social media. My plan is to not let that happen again. If God wants me to have a following on Social Media, it will happen and nothing will stop it. If he does not then nothing I can do will make it happen. What is really important is to be faithful to Christ. That is the most important thing.

God gave us grace before we were even born, this is Prevenient Grace. God loved us and loves us. He wants a relationship with us.

We can not walk with Christ if we do not seek him out. This is Justifying Grace. It is us seeking God and seeking forgiveness of our sins. It is about us seeking to maintain that relationship with him once we allow it to happen. When we actively walk with Christ it is so much easier to share our faith and love with others.

I plan to start sharing my faith, working hard to stay faithful and to be Bold about Christ.

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