S4E12: YouTube Analytics Explained

YouTube Analytics Explained


In this episode we dig deep into YouTube Analytics and each facet of the Analytics is broken down and explained in plain english. Have you ever wanted to know what the heck was AVD or AVP, Audience Retention, Demographics., Traffic Sources, Impressions, and Click Through Rate. We will break each one down and watch or listen to the end where I will give you bonus information to help you make great content. See the attached PDF that shows the presentation I presented in the video. I hope you will enjoy it.

YouTube Analytics Explained PDF

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Audience Retention, Average View Duration, Demographics, Traffic Sources, Impressions, Click Through Rate

S3E41: YouTube Transparency Report (How much I spent to Live Stream?)

This was transposed by some crazy AI so I am sorry for the insane nature of this text. 

Hey, this is Roy Richardson, the tech troublemaker- and this is my full transparency report for twenty twenty one, the tay would it cost me to do youtube since the beginning, when I first started to now doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Do you do know me doesn’t have a spend a fortune to you did this year?

Yes, yes, I have a demo first half on youtube april, thirteenth of twenty twenty one, all because of leader lot every day in april,
so now, let’s look at damage, might have spent lose so much as bit before twenty one and much of spit in twenty one, because I became obsessed and may many vest with some sure before then, but the blue yeti was my first purchase stabbed us said this is for me for my you tube journey and so above ba.
This, of course, is before large take an altar about windshield for
and then of our shock mount. But the shock mounted workout get mice heavy and it was cut quite right. I about so many backgrounds. Complete waste of time, dent green screens and black screen white screens does turn figure out what the heck I’d look at an original thought. I’ve got to go green screen because I can hide my background. Not you don’t have to,
and then I got my first real like I get a newer ring. Light bigger eighteen inch, one to get a camera mount the dispute, five hundred kelvin, which is just look brighter than daylight. A main investment in zoom live track. L eight
is compared to the road caster, proud him bite, love so much. I have some complaints by the zoom compare the road caster, but then there’s they seemed so much better than road. Caster
main thing is: they’re also does laughs out, however, because a covert haven’t had a lot will laugh, sounds so marvin better up on road castro pray before we get into toy twenty one. I it’s been about fifteen hundred sixty hundred dollars. U s for all the things I needed from my channel didn’t need spin that providence,
because a mandala things I want to be a joke.
That’s the downside about this whole process. Is that oh I’ll get this cheap thing and then I’ll make due in tonight for better within? You want to buy lots of cheap things when you could just pop better to start with one thing I learned along the way, then, on the lights, from a tripod, so about a desk. Lamp socket actually attach the martin ten,
my lights to my desk and that worked out great
and I had the bass off boxes because the lights are bought were too bright gone through in then, my lowly twenty fifteen thirteen inch macbook pro
just couldn’t keep up with demands a video editing, because now, because I think I went live
april of twenty twenty one, I suddenly need edit video because well that if things laugh
so about anymore, mac mini sixteen gig ram, one terabyte solid state drive which, by the way I get it, I filled up a bus outer fifty gigs, that’s how they drive so yeah. The one terabyte was a good investment, but this thing flies. I love it if rumors my visa so quickly.
This was a great investment. I’m very excited about this in an average family. After six years per mac never bought in the thirteen macbook pro is still get a career monterey and it’s a great audio editing device
and at the santa a magic keyboard, because only the numeric keypad, a type, a lotta numbers in this day and age, where he attacked, are your two factor. Authentication everything and I got a magic mouse,
the hungarian your place. It will large take him cropping so it’ll help him editing, but I do like the left or right in a nearby apple care for the mac mini. Luckily, apple cares, but cheaper may maybe there’s others in the apple series, but you can’t fix anything on its self contained. Everything it can ever do is in the case
in classroom pros, because a leader I got excited about laughter pros- and I did- the training seller was a great investment. It’s been worth it. They have taught me so much and I made so many amazing friends and that really was a good deal. I was trying to find a better camera because I was a web cam land had seen and twenty, which I didn’t list
out here, because they’re more about it.
But then a moderate thinker broke calf, see three hundred, which is a full hd webcam. It does for k at thirty frames per se other who create. I can do for k for active duty. Navy pea at sixty frames per se are really excited about it.
That is camera one not being
great. It is great for video conferencing, but it just never looked good for me and it has pretty fast zoom, but you can tell it’s think again: they were green screen that pulls down from the wall. I’ve only used it once
because I need to get my lighting just right. Green screen is hard if you can avoid the green screen, avoid angering screen, save green screen for special use cases about the cabbage tenable for ill at home, which I love, because I had all these usb cameras are trying to make light. Work, however, will take it. The limousine be over
a single bus is about to use, be cameras in with a thunderbolt for hub. I couldn’t do more than two years beekeepers together local boxer.
This was a gold box deal at a paid way less than a pedal less than that.
I love this thing because I can load a bluetooth connect to it and low graphics on it. It plays in arma. I like it, maybe is a distraction,
but I just loved it. So I I need a better camera, because I was using us a large taxi, nine twenty
and I was battling with the fact that it would not zoom in very quickly out fact. This scene, antonio, had a really slow zoom. It does a good job of ten eighty, but it’s nine thirty frames per second in it. Just doesn’t do well and zoom. So I mean, for example, this
you know, if my face in the frame it’s challenges, but it will things pick up things so quickly. If my face is not in the mix and there’s a product demo mode, where could put then a white wine care about my face, which I think is probably motor show is being where the camera doesn’t care about my face, I’m just saying I got dummy battery kit, be
in a bigger town for all the batters, it takes to keep a single and love,
and so I have dummy kit works great. The camera doesn’t overheat, it works beautifully and then microwave steam out a steamer so that I could plug up the sony. And then I got a bluetooth shooting group which I didn’t need a year of use it for some b roll recording. I use it sometimes for some blogging. I am using a mouse
image. Just fine sam, then epidemic sound, because people keep saying you’re gonna have sound on your videos, man and you’re. All copyright strike to get the sigma. Sixteen millimeter one point: four f stop lands and this land is perfect. If you want just a little bit of blur when the stuff behind you, you won’t that be
coca fact as they call it, and I did and I love how fast it zooms. I won’t performing it’s speeding, speeding, speedy, speedy, which is great
and then got lens pouch, because well he only sent me the link not using in the lenses are forever they glass is forever cameras can be replaced in then I get the device on self self. He headlights tank cassette, which gave me a vessel me out,
and I mike stand in a camera stance on a cameras on that right. Now
I really loved that too. Then I get a battery charger for the sony battery because I had to do a live gig where I didn’t know for sure. If I was going to have electricity and so battery an innovative sergeant,
getting an extension cable. So I’m having a problem with an old mantra, have had this monster forever and it doesn’t always play well with the mac, the mac being so new was like hey. Let me through video at you, this pass and demand right.
Maybe it’s a great work mondor, because
I’m not doing high level detail type stuff far as graphics go from doing spreadsheets, but chinese much detail is ritchie,
but this works really well, so I have trouble unplug it plug it back up and cinemax. The max is, oh, I do see a modern marches oak and sumac and and they play well together
and then this my new addition, because I’m getting ready to get a better mike,
but it’s coming for christmas scenario haven’t yet I can’t say one is, but
here I got a blue mark. Phone’s compass premium, tube style mark from boom stand on, so I debated between this and the all got a low profile. I may still go back and get low profile, but I think this can be good. I’m going to put the micro here
whenever I hear and put more miles from here, and so my fellow beer I hear I thought about using my blue yeti might but I’m getting a better mike and have little sound conditioning. So I can warm up podcast your voice, something I’ve been missing. I’m kind of excited about that. We’re gonna see where I get really think winning
yet, but your guess is in now
so now let’s go and look at the totals there before twenty twenty one. I spent a a sixteen hundred dollars. U s and now this year have spent four thousand six hundred sixty eight dollars and I’ve. I’ve said there was also include subscriptions for camp of pro, which I wind up, leaving the
I need them thumbnails and it was turned them quick and kansas pro process description. The camera makes it so much easier and then er visits didn’t have sound, get their music on your show. But you gotta be careful. You can use copyrighted music because you get copyright strikes in you. Tube will take you down
if you take it out, so our web epidemic sound, I love it. I have affiliate links for camper ever them and then the other part is amazing. This fantastic software of your mac, he can laugh, is the absolute best live streaming software there is
it steps is easy for recording because it makes so much easier to do scenes in overlays
joe video put out music porter. Be what I love eating can laugh it’s my favorite application for mac. It absolutely is, and I use it a second runner up is parker probe, which likely, because I’m an educator I was able to get the education discount.
You get final cut pro logic pro and compressor. Emotion, four hundred. Ninety nine dollars: u s typical school in the email address! You need to take advantage of that, because poker pro is great editing software
over the course of the entire time I’ve spent money collecting equipment because for a long time I collected equipment. Do you do? But I didn’t do too. I spent six thousand two hundred for an art and sandra cents total so far this year, just in the year, two thousand
thousand twenty one and spent four thousand six hundred sixty eight knife. I said that was almost descriptions: the epidemic sound blaster and pros they are streamer accelerator. Those things is my mac mini it’s my cv. Ten! All that adds up big time.
Damn does were big investments, but those are things we can last for multiple years for me, and so I don’t expect twenty twenty two to beam is such an expensive year from it, and then I’ve had people who loved my show so much that they give me donations so through. Buy me a coffee, I’m not very good at hyping. Buy me a coffee,
but I’ve taken everything, I’ve gotten appearances channel and twenty twenty two is gonna be the year this channel blows up. We will funnily enough to get community knew and will engage a lot more. We will also will finally get that part work and join the youtube partner program which will hit a thousand
subscribers. I want you to go along for the ride. You need to sign up, for this. Go hit that like button that lets you do know that a light cast off from doing good that subscribe button hit that bill. Then you’ll know when posting content, and if you really love what I’m doing please feel free to buy me a coffee
to give a donation is channel. It goes right into it. I promise you. I will acknowledge into hey. Thank you so much to you for doing this channel you enjoy that this one’s been twenty. Twenty is going to be the bomb a later date. I will be releasing a video that shows you what my plans are for twenty two. I do because twain twenty two
is a year. This channel blows up. You should like and subscribe because you wanna go along for the ride. It’s gonna be an amazing year. I got some amazing things coming I got interviews. People even believe it actual bill. Marr show is going to be so amazing and twenty twenty to be more interviews, wow
two’s, a more product reviews in comedy.
they make you
the song will dance a little seltzer movie
with words on them.
Thanks for watching.