S4E23: 7 Things You Should NEVER Do on YouTube

#TechTroublemaker #DONTDOTHIS

This episode we will talk about 7 Things You Should NEVER Do on YouTube. Seriously, don’t do these things. They could get you demonetized, your channel shadowbanned, or just cause you to lose viewers. Let’s talk about things you shouldn’t do on YouTube. Don’t do these things on YouTube or you could be in trouble or it won’t go well for your channel. Watch and see.

Things such as using copyrighted music. If you use copyrighted music, you could get a channel strike (basically you violated community guidelines, too many of these and your channel goes bye bye) or if you are monetized, the copyright holder could take all your revenue for that video, or they could sue you. Going to court is bad. And this is just the start. I then offer solutions to have great music on your videos without worry about copyright strikes. Then we talk about using video snippets and stock images for your videos. Lots of good information in this episode. Keep listening for more tips on What NOT to do on YouTube.