Setting Up WAMPServer


My thought process for WordPress is to always create a local copy of your website to experiment and test things before you roll them out to the production or “LIVE” site. So to this end I often setup WAMPServer. All of the elements needed are available as open source software, which means it is developed by a community of developers and enthusiasts and give away for free as in “Free Beer”.

WAMPServer runs the basic elements needed to create a WordPress site and it works on Windows, which is what most people run on their laptops and home computers. WAMP is an acronym. It stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. There is a version for Mac called funny enough, MAMP, which is Mac OS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Apache is an open source Web server. You can download and run Apache on nearly any operating system you can name. For more about Apache Web Server, visit here:

MySQL is an open source database management server which is owned by Oracle Corporation. There is a paid version but the Community version works for just about every need. For more about MySQL, visit here:

And lastly there is PHP, PHP is a programming language that is interpreted instead of compiled. What this means is instead of creating an executable file from source code, each line of source code in parsed through a PHP interpreter engine. For more about PHP, visit here:

To download WAMPServer, go here: SourceForge (SourceForge by the way is a repository website that hosts many open source projects).

For a step by step video on installing WAMPServer, visit this link on my YouTube Channel:

My next post I will show and discuss the World Famous Five Minute WordPress install, assuming you have WAMPServer installed.

The Bible in a Digital World

We had been having problems with the quality and quantity of our Internet bandwidth for some time. With my wife and I both IT professionals for a living and the kids of the house being technology junkies, a matter for discussion another day, we finally gave up on our provider and switched. Other than the expensive monthly bill and the lousy Internet, our other services were okay. But to save money we signed up for a bundle of everything. That in itself was an adventure as the new company wasn’t known for great customer service just service and while I placed the order online, then tried to confirm over the phone, I finally had to pay a visit to an office to see if they wanted my money. In this day it seems good customer service is optional. So we awaited the day the company would come out to install our new services and I had told work I would be working remotely if possible, thinking the old services would be available even in their sad state until the “switch” was switched. Instead it seems they turned off our services somewhere in the wee hours of morning and so when I woke up at 5am to start working on personal and business things, I was without Internet. I decided to go ahead and eat breakfast. As I asked for blessing before eating my breakfast, I asked God to forgive us for getting wrapped up in first world problems when we have food, water, shelter, and most importantly, Him, in our lives and those are the essentials. I then sat down and I was going to read my Bible reading on my phone but inside our house, the 4G doesn’t work and 3G is so so. So I was unable to pull up my favorite Bible app as it was insisting it must talk to the Internet even though I have several Bible translations downloaded to it. My tablet devices do not have 4G options and require good old fashioned wireless Internet so they would be of no use. So I decided, no worries, I will hunt around and find the good old fashioned analog versions of the Bible. I was saddened it took me so long to find a copy of the Bible in paper form in my house. But I did finally find a pocket version of the King James Bible and then finally my old trusty NIV Study Bible which I used to carry before I went digital.

Now my next challenge is remembering what today’s readings are as I have been using a reading plan on my tablets and phone, going back and forth as technology allowed. And that is the crux of the issue here. It doesn’t matter where I am in the Word as long as I am in the Word and if I pray for guidance, God will put me on the pages he wants me to be on. God put me in Psalms.