S3E30: Windows 11, Are you Ready? Let’s Find Out

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Are you ready for Windows 11?

Let’s find out. We will talk about what’s new with Windows 11 and how you can find out if your PC or Laptop is ready. Plus Office 365 just got a big update aka Office 2022

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You know if I play music, you can’t hear anything. I’m saying

hey this verbiage than that take troublemaker, and tonight we’re going to talk about windows. Eleven windows, eleven came out well technically the day was launched, stay but

because look about last night and said hey by the way. When does eleven

by the way here’s my t shirt bonus points. If you get the

what was combined appear bonus points. You tell me in the chat

yeah I figured out. Let me know a way to will talk about windows. Eleven in the big question, though, is: can my computer on one’s eleven? Is my computer ready for windows eleven to wriggle talk about their good brother formats and if it is what you do to upgrade to windows eleven

right now? If that’s what you will do so, let’s get started

so here we go, I know, will get back purport right. Are so windows live and can I run it? Well, maybe so if we go take a look at my sister earlier that there were you right, so you can read when this eleven.

If you’re running it should say, windows, ten version, twenty, four off the change in post,

you have at least a one gigahertz processor that these big red yeah.

You got it right by the way this is blues, clues, hints and snoopy and charlie brown across together about what our school take a freeway

one gigahertz processor, with at least two cores. Sixty four gig of local stores, where that be a hard drive or solid state, or we happen to have two chips you eat f, ah secure boot compatible will talk about that later. What the heck that is! Tp m the trusted platform

module. Two point: oh we’ll talk about later by what that is, you have to have a graphics card, that’s compatible with windows with direct x, twelve, you have to have a display, that’s seven hundred and twenty appear larger and you have to have internet connection in internet account. Now so far, I’ve gotten away with running windows eleven

with out logging in to my hotmail account when microsoft, but I think more, more they’re going to push that and you’ll have to like figure are. Do I have to water at login, but there’s a lot of benefits, it’ll save like bookmarks and settings, and that type of thing so actually in a lotta ways, it’s

it’s it’s a good thing is that the worst thing ever happened

next up is tpa to porno. What? What is that so tps to put out is basically so is the trusted platform. Module is a chip on your motherboard and, if your peers knew enough to have it, and you may have it but see the update before,

what’s it like, for example, I had appeared, it was running one dot, two tp pm and updated the bios or the firmware actually psycho, bios and more will talk about why that is here. In a minute

you have to update the bios, as of their biases, should update your tp empty up to two point: it down the bad saturday pm is. It is an attempt to secure computer, but also it’s vendors, know that you’re running a legit version of your software, so if you’re borrowing sulfur from a friend

and they haven’t registered the tp in to my giveaway, the fact that you’re burning sulfur you’re not officially licensed for so that is something that you’d be concerned about so yeah

next secure boot. So basically it prevents you from using operating system other than what a rigid well on. My typing is hard of, like I’m sorry

running up. Racism other way: computers, okay, but if you compare came a windows, ten yeah, oh yeah, I’m being lucky bar from dell or acer or knew any those him forbid gateway. If you bought one of those thin you’re, okay, you probably aware or anything but ybarra computer that came with no,

oh, yes, others, no operating system say it loaded up with linux. He may have issues because you may not have an option to secure boot order met to do workers now their network. I will find ways to get around this eventually and there’s also been some work on getting rid of tp into. But that’s a thought

talk about the night or talk about your religion windows. Ten right now are you currently appear? Can you and pierre roma and is living in this town?


a couple of caveats here:

oh gabriel,

smooth mom, bouncing ball around here, so

going backward than shame that happens, but hey this is lava. This is just proof that it’s laugh. So you you far is unified extensible firmware interface. It’s basically replace what the bios and the bows was. The piece that allowed the hardware your computer to talk to the operating system that was on the

when you boot off your hard drive and so house was great. It was useful, but unified extensible firmware interface has so many more features than the bios had. So it’s really a big improvement it and it does offer more options like, for example, you can do much bigger storage than you are

fukuda bows and they’re. Not really a keep boss is up to date these day, so you, if, ah, is the way to go, and basically it’s replaced where the firmware that was rosie car. Now it’s called you e fact. It’s a good thing in servers with earnest request. Some time desktop, pcs really started being about twenty

fourteen or so

pence own models and manufacturers attack next up. How do I tell if my computer can run windows live in? Well, so you can go to microsoft, dot, com,

ian dash? U s! Slash windows, slash windows, dash eleven dash specifications with these will be in the show notes if you’re, what, if you’re on the replay, so you don’t even they’re, still be a link. You can click on they’ll. Take you right there you look at, let’s break it down, so there’s an app you can download for myself that, oh

I’m a shady website

I’ll, be better with show me a website shoot me a website. So I hear

is this myself website right here

and again

he do a little housekeeping here

I moved every now and again affirmed player watch follow the bouncing ball. So here we are this tux by the window. Specifications! If you scroll through here it will tell you the same thing that I just talked about one gigahertz processor, with two or more cores forking by israel, a left that out eat every four gigabytes shrimp. I actually recommend eight

and a minimum. If you can afford more, your computer will never fuss about having too much memory, but it could fuss about not having enough at least six full gig or larger stores of ice. So if you, if ah secure, we’re compatible, we just talked about that trusted platform. Module me to stop that capello

table twelve in the in high definition, seven toy appear higher display yeah, like your big tv cell walls like ten eighty p or four k arabia, one of the small ones at release under twenty

it probably find anyway. The point being is that you go here india on this website. It will have a link that takes you to run this utility around here, which you can now hear our ethics committee. That way on this site you go, and it will give you an option right here to download

the pc health check out this app download it and then run it


going back to my presentation there, you are so nasty motown, I’m gonna share with that app looks like

did. I receive regular, her sam? It can happen right. Okay,

so do I so we we run app. You click on the check now button and it’s going to do a check up and the results come back. Pretty quick and it will take in this case. Ditch digger appeared. It was ran, do not have the t p chip enabled suicide. I love deeply and gypsy can’t read it, and this is my sense

appear in actually be goes into the bios. He can enable the tp and chip in it was reason to enable it. So, therefore, they didn’t, but if enables it and updates certain firmware to the latest more likely his computer will warm more than happy running one eleven. So those are features are easy.

So now,

three back to my pitcher pitcher here are so mixed up. What’s new in windows eleven,

so what does levin has well. First of all, the interfaces a little ramped up a little bit. It’s a nicer interface windows live in is freed great too. If you are a license for windows, ten say not to do even if you’re in windows, ten iran to go by think you can romans eleven. If you’re computers capable there are drum

edit changes to the user interface, the start menu in the middle, they sell the rights ice rink. We actually showed your demo. This fact she didn’t did. I I was in a video I had where I talked about how to install wins eleven own, a mac as a tourist or earlier happened like that, get if you pierce, but that drake storage, which is a feat

your speeds up, your stored on your computer. If you’re, an empty or sd solid state drives flash drives a bar, this feature from xbox they developed for xbox and areas and then there’s a revamped microsoft store who how exciting everybody needs that right, yeah,

rivera, microsoft, star fucking, kill their labs anyway. I so maybe an auto I see are witches high definition and it will do smoothing a graphics in games and some applications that have been programmed actually use it.

Here’s some more stuff doesn’t in windows. Eleven winslow has desktop switching so actually windows. Ten has this task switching, but it never was a slick, cool, easy to use feature but windows. Eleven makes it super easy. You can make you a basically a desktop where your apps are running for work

and then you could have another desktop screen running where’s. All your apps are games and you can just click the button. It was by fourth, his way. Why do hockey say can do is swap it out when your boss comes by so look and work on this wonderful, excel spreadsheet that my boss will say oracle. Oh now, I’m gonna go play diablo two yeah

there you go switch back for tween, desktop super easy and widgets her back. So you may remember know in the seven days I was at crazy thing down the the right side of the screen where he could do the sticky notes they thought which, by weight that was hacked and they tell you not to run it well, it’s back in new flee, not hackle up

but anyway, says back and you’ll have like your weather and stuff like that, and it’s it’s kind of like that. Cheesy little thing when you clicked on windows, eight in it popped up and surgery news and everything of that she didn’t warm. So you may not like this, but the bright side is in turn off and on, as you want him abc. Something you actually want to run is which

say a missing feature. So here’s a weird thing: when there’s eleven is missing: some features they’re coming soon

and there’s lots of raw fish with they’re going to release them as part of the updates are coming and the biggest featured the one I’m actually excited about is: does eleven will be able to run android apps. So if you have an android phone

well, then here’s the kit you’ll have to use amazon’s marketplace on your windows, eleven p c in order to download android apps and then daniel labour run those on your windows machine. So if you have some cool games that you run on your android phone, if they’re available from amazon marketplace you

you can download and run em android apps right there on your windows level, machine

yeah. Now that all windows and now than o makeovers, you can run out as apps from the app store well now in his is why we’re gonna make it we can run android apps now, there’s been some features like this before you had a samsung phone and you could run some things anders always been emulators, but they weren’t great. Now you actually

build a run. Android apps right there in windows eleven. I think it’s a great feature not coming out today, not available day. One is coming out later, so hopefully

later not too far away, because I think that’s exciting feature,

and now, if your computer shipped in twice seventeen or newer more recently, I should say you may be: okay, your computer bay runway is love it.

If you boot, your computer will amd chips. For example, you may need to turn on the tv and featured at maina been turned on by default. Secure boot and p m may slow your computer down, so it will be negligible, but it is a hair slower than it is with those things off so fewer gamer.

Who even knows it at first? I think it’ll level out. I think it’ll be okay, but

it’s a compromise is just gonna. Think about that.

Now. What? If my computer is older or a won’t ruins low gonna run that utility is dessert, your pc is not gonna. Run windows live it well. Here, okay windows: ten will be supported until twenty twenty five, so you’ve got four more years before you have to worry about it, they’ll be a

new presidential election before it’s a problem for you, whether you have to upgrade to windows, liver, not, and maybe in the next four years you buy a new computer and it will cover, wins, live in preinstalled, so yeah may go to your sake. You just cannot figure out what you do their research and mood bad weather.

Let’s are but anyway, so yeah get four years to think about that

now my computer won’t run wins eleven, but I really want to run it anyway.

Well, microsoft will let you download it and they will let you install it anyway,

but it will give you a dire warning. It will say they will not support you, and this is bad. This means, potentially they were released. Security updates and you will not be allowed to download those because you’re running windows eleven on an unsupported machine.

This is not smart or marshalls part. If you, if you ask me, I don’t think marseille should lie to do this now.

I never like microsoft

treat you this way, but yeah. That’s that’s, unfortunately, microsoft percent gap among ill, usually I get upset when a software company restricts you. But in this case I worry about the harm of being able to run wins lived on machine. This not officially supported

and then be locked out of biennale download security updates, putting you at risk your data at risk.

It’s a bad thing, so buoyant see the jury’s still out on this. There may be a change and marcel stance on this, but they seem so fixated on secure boot and tp. I’m I’m open the back down the say. Okay great, you got the other specs go for similar that


that was where it was that my computer says it run windows eleven yea, I’m so excited with ooh ooh. Well, great, so run windows update and see marks australia. Jeb great

with this update, is how they’re going to push it after most people now wait. It didn’t show it to me as an option at eller. Well, that’s because microsoft is going to roll out windows eleven to everybody

between now and the mill of texture. In the middle of twenty twenty, so it can pop up anytime between now and twenty twenty,

if these wings- okay,

but I want it now well, here you go and I’ll put this in the show notes as well. You can go to myself that com, slash and dash. U air, slash software dash, they’ll, slash, one is eleven and you can download the I so far. Basically a dvd image of windows eleven,

but then you have to create a beautiful, usb drive and boot from it to install it. You could conceivably do inside windows, ten there’s a feature, a mailed it. I have not tried this yet so I cannot advise it. Yep the internet so far saying take a usb drive. Usb drive. These have at least eight gig of space on it,

and so we pray better off a sixteen they’ll say, sir edge. I think it’s a little tight. Sixteen gig usb thumb drive this blank

and you can use the crate windows live in media it. It will make a beautiful usb drive and then you plug that usb drive into your computer and then boot from it, and then it will give you an upgrade option and safety. You wanna keep your data yeah. Do please let me keep my data a course. You should always back up before going for her.

However, you back up with you upload all your stuff to a cloud drive or whether you back it up to an external drive. You should back up your computer before you upgrade just in case things go bad now. Microsoft say the benefits of wins. Eleven. Is that if your computer is compatible they’re, saying that when eleven is their most stable

operating system, so yeah net,

should you gonna create the ones eleven thing should wait? Why it just came out, and now this wide release people will find problems that marched, do not find initial testing, because initial testing was by bailey users who were brave enough to dallas

on windows. It was bad developers who need the build measure theirself or was gonna work on when there’s eleven. I would actually recommend, even if that tool says, you’re computer is ready for one’s eleven now that it does not offer enough benefit to justify

even bothering to run male. You should wait. Wait, wait till hurry. It’s okay, it’s gonna, be out there wait and see what by outsiders reactions are let your friends who are more bleeding edge. You like the rumble, is the greatest I’ve. Gotta have the latest thing greatest. Let them

go first and let them find out what happens and what problems they have. That’s it

because they had. My friends have combined to see me night and the da

peggy grad. What’s up man? Hey thanks serves coma.

Yes bigger. I was right. The blues clues vast new deal measure I was blues clues. Feminine, am also a big snake and peanuts fan charlie brown, christmas man. I know at christmas yet course get this great pumpkin. Charlie brown is howling mirth. If you celebrate that anyone says the great pumpkin, charlie brown,

we gotta go. Watch that it’s important to tradition,

maybe god hey mommy, yeah thanks. So much goes back

and see what is my favorite thing? A was live, my favorite feature wins. Eleven is going to be the android functionality once they finally released that to be able to run android, apps and wins. Eleven, I think, is very cool. I know I’m enjoying running alice, apps or macro s. That’s been very cool since the

in one chip came out, and so this- and we just thought I just talked about this, yet I think you should wait. I don’t think you wait, don’t go in upgraded, wins eleven. Yet unless you’re, just that blaney and ten a person and you gotta do it now.



Oh yes, thanks I’ll, wait! Yes, I definitely agree. You should wait,

see what happens. Here’s bring up my away with our is. It looks like in case I haven’t shown you this already

school pitcher pitcher.

I said this is what windows eleven looks like and you’ll notice right here. The start button has been moved to hear. Now. I really actually like this interface. It feels very much like they borrowed some things from macro, I kind of like the little dark in the way it’s set up. I mean it’s very slick. I do like it a very

urban planner, our actions luna domain when mac running parallels, because I wanted to be able to to run it and a bit player here. So right here is a widgets and say you know your customers and it shows the weather or news stories, but you can customize the heck out of this and add stuff that you care

about it

to it.

As a lotta news, I know it depends on which your new sources are you getting your pick, those and so yeah. I mean it’s a cool interface I’ll, give you that

and then brought here is desktop on like this functionality, because hey I can do a desktop for my games and go her name. It gaming,


the desktop



hang on.

I am a mere personal

case, and then you can swap by for between different apps are here, could have it open in this desktop and manga this top and then go to my work? One or I’ve got new firefox open and I can just go back and forth and pick game. Sim games opened. Here’s a search more by the way

said. Mr salter still there I would have been upset if one eleven did not have solitaire mages, who just moved in bad would have been bad salters to be there. So then click

which desktop a one run and, like I said in proud their hockey and swap back forth at work to make your boss think you’re actually working. This is a cool feature. Makeovers has had this for quite some time. I never use like linux had this way before a mass did so that was really cool, but yeah

ergo. This is what, when this level of sight, I do like file explorer

yeah. It’s near right, corset, sir. This machines, gallo schizophrenia, because on mac and everything, but I like the fact you can right click, and so many of the right menu options right here now, as opposed to you,

go to documents and soccer right click and there’s so many right click items are here’s. While I cut and copy and rename and delete right there. I, like that menu interface. I, like the interface that way, also like the fact that you just looks as gas leak look to it to the interview

asus chemical, so these are all great things, but they’re, not those things it’s gonna go get now. Now, there’s no rush. You don’t need to run down to your windows up the hate. Hanky wins eleven, yet you’ve got playtime way for litter builds break it that might someday some fixes

that make it a better operating system. For everybody and again my fair features can be be known, run android apps inside one is eleven.

If you like, android apps, I think you’ll find it’s cool, wait, wait and see what happens so

big red says as windows eleven been through beta testing, yet to get those bugs as every part of a nerveless it has. Windows is actually been out for quite some time in beta and release date for october. Two days, october fifth was released. Eight it was coming out today was a ploy

in it’s been rammed by a lot of people has been reviewed by a lot of people up and play around with a beta of it, and it’s various odd it works. It does everything I’ve thrown at it. So far


it’s more a pretty interface with some neat interface features right now,

it’s not a drop everything. You not guess even a big improvement in your gaming right off. It’s just not gonna, be a big improvement if you’re a gamer, so you could afford wait, there’s no reason to rush it there and when you get ready, you can also today marks off released off,

is twenty twenty one

or if you are an office three sixty five subscriber

you’re officers sixty five subscribers,

then you will eventually get an update anyway,

so slick and a skylight one is eleven. It’s eleven slicker interface there, some minor cosmetic changes, it’s not a huge leap, but it is a leap there is change and feel I change well. You’re, lucky marshalls provide a change here. Some change for me anyway, and it’s available for mac, o s and windows,

and so or if you do like. I do a row on microsoft, office officer, sixty five in a web browser, it does a pretty decent chap in so you don’t necessarily have to bail local. There are some features that are not there.

You in advance, you can order the or local anyway.

That’s it. That is our show less. You guess ask questions will say, had shout out everything idly whatever may. Thank you so much for watching

be sure if you watch the replay playlist sales posted some buttons here

be sure to subscribe. If that bill. If you want to know what my next videos coming out, this is the kind of stuff. I do every episode on tuesday nights at nine pm eastern time. I talk about bleak topics and news and I try to explain to them, explain how they benefit you or how they might hurt you, and in this case,

yes, I have a my advice to you today.

Don’t update two ones living near wait. Wait it just came out today, yes, has been very beta tested, but you know


do shirt. I left up and found this a route and it appears to be sold out is very seldom out right. Now, yuki and I’ll put a link in the description. Don’t get him this them affiliate for router. I think I’ll put a link in the description to the shirt in my show notes, and you walk to go there.

The dessert

thanks, my god,

that’s weird. I allen yep place for excise opinion. Wins love, yeah one’s eleven! Wait! If you can wait.

Thank you so much airbase watched, that’s are so night. Thank you. So much you combine, you guys are so awesome. I really do appreciate. Thank you for likes, be sure to tell your friends about my show. Oh I’m new try my best here to to branch out in the amazing few guys as much as they can,

hopefully a macaques it like that and go for one percent improvement every episode. So hopefully you can at least point five percent out a way thanks. So much good. I get by

sweeney exit music podcast. We’re has roots in each week. They cover topics,

sit back, relax in your mouth,

thanks, big red yeah. Thank you so much for saying that every every night


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Windows 11 looks a lot like the Mac OS Dock.

Let’s take a peek at Windows 11 and what it looks like.

Demo time. Run DXDIAG on your computer. Does it support at least DirectX 12? Does it support WDDM 2.0 or greater? Do you have at least 4 gig of RAM? Does your computer have at least 2 CPU Cores? Then you might be able to run Windows 11. Also you will need at least a 64 gig system drive.

AMD processors that support Windows 11


Intel Processors that support Windows 11


How long?

Germany wants Apple and Android devices to have 7 years of updates and repairs. What do you think? How long should phone makers support your phone either via updates and via making sure you can buy parts for it? Germany wants not just the battery and the screen to be replaceable, they want all the parts of the phone to be orderable so consumers can repair their own phones. What do you think?