S4E11: What is Run of Show – Live Stream Planning

So are your livestreams or recorded videos a disorganized mess? This episode we talk about how to organize your “run of show”, your show flow, your script for your show with my guest, Dr. Elo, yes, that Dr. Elo.

We will also talk about scripts, worksheets, and teleprompters. I don’t use a teleprompter but you might or you might want to. You can use these for your show. Even if you are doing a recorded show, it helps your efficiency so your shows can be exactly the length they need to be and no longer. If you want to get your show organized, then this is the episode for you. Plus, who doesn’t want to talk to Dr. Elo. We will also talk about sources for Royalty Free Music for your livestreams and recorded videos or even your podcast. There are places that are completely free that you may not be aware of.

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