S4E34: Content Creators Meetup December 2022 Edition

#techtroublemaker #contentcreators #livestreaming

What happens when six content creators meetup and talk about their journey with content creation? Join us LIVE and find out. We start with talking about what we have been working on, what our biggest pain points are, and what we are doing for 2023.

Our Guests this month are: Steve Worthy of  @PodcastersLIVE  http://www.podcasterslive.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/podcasterslive/ https://www.instagram.com/podgolive/

James Hicks of  @JamesHicks  https://hicksnewmedia.com



John Ryan of  @CoffeeTalkandTechJohnRyan


SiShong Victor of  @BasicNAS  https://www.facebook.com/BasicNetworksAndStreaming


Dagan Newland from  @BGGGrooming 



What did you learn this episode that will help you in your livestreaming journey?

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S4E33: My Content Creator Motivational Speech

#techtroublemaker #contentcreators #motivation
We give ourselves so many outs to NOT MAKE THAT VIDEO.
You get Zero, Zero views on the video you don’t make. You get Zero subscribers when you post NOTHING. Do you have a voice? Do you have something to say? Are you going to say it already?

Excuses, bring them. “I don’t like to edit” (Go Live), “I don’t like the way I look on camera” (You can do “faceless” videos but your audio better be amazing and your voice over worth listening to) I am not Captain America or Miss America. I am not a supermodel but I have the face I was born with and I am going to be unashamed to show it.

Tonight’s show we will talk about excuses and how to route around them. As @DocRock says, your excuses are valid, so what. Move on.

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