S3E38: 10 Things I am Pretty Sure I am Sure about Live Streaming

10 things I am pretty sure I am sure about Livestreaming
Tales of a hobby turned obsession
1. Need a camera? Where’s your cell phone?

I started with a webcam
I was so fixated that in order to do YouTube I needed a great camera.

But through LEDA challenges I found out a Cell phone rocks and usually has a great camera

(Cool ways to bring your phone camera to your computer? USB or NDI)

2. Bad video is forgiven before bad audio

You’re muted
What is that echo?
Voice too low or Music too loud
(I started with a Blue Yeti and I am still using it)

3. Your videos should answer a question or solve a problem

4. Save up and buy best gear when you do upgrade equipment

Buy what turns out to be junk little by little to try and save money only to litter your life with junk you wind up replacing
Decide what you need
Determine the costs
Save up for it and buy it when you can afford (Not Before)

5. Recorded video does better than Lives unless…you build a community

6. YouTube Analytics will make you insane

7. Find the one topic that works for you

If you don’t like your topic, no one else will.
Topics we are passionate about ”sell” the video to our viewers
It is possible to be so diverse in your topics, YouTube doesn’t recommend your videos.

Under Water Basket Weaving may not do well on a ”Tech” channel
Niche down and focus
8. Preparation builds confidence

If you have loose notes, they are your safety net to make sure you don’t go off track
Planning and research means you know what you are talking about when you talk about it.
“Lack of Planning on My Part does not mean an emergency for your part but it does mean you get to see a train wreck in progress”

9. Bring friends along for the ride

10. If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong

Creating is hard work but if you enjoy the end results are so worth it
If it continues to not be fun, then maybe it is time to retool your processes

The challenge
Go live
What is your favorite platform?
Go live there.
30 seconds to 30 minutes, doesn’t matter
Just go Live
Say hi, talk about your day, talk about what you are thankful for.

Get your phone or whatever and go live every day in December. Call it #YuleVolog or #Vlogmas

****Boring Stuff follows*****

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