YouTube Goal Setting for 2023 (What are your goals?)

How do you make Content Creation Goals? This episode we talk about that and I will share my goals for 2023 and the accomplishments we made in 2022. How many subscribers did the channel grow last year? A lot. How many views did I get? Amazeballs. 2022 was a great year for content creation, though a lousy year personally. But hey, you are here and that makes it all better. 

S4E24: Tech Troublemaker Social with Friends

#TechTroublemaker #EcammLiveBeta


So episode is different. I went live with a few of my live streaming friends to catch up on their adventures and to see what challenges they are planning for their respective channels in the near future. Where is the learning? You will learn something I am sure. And yes we will probably talk about the Ecamm Live 4.x beta.


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