S3E29: How To Privacy…#Google #Facebook #Venmo

Can I have privacy on the Internet? No, you can not. But you can be a little more private. On this episode we talk about how to lock down Facebook a bit as well as Google, 

Tonight we talk about Privacy on some of your favorite apps and social media, Repurposing your old Tech gear, and finally NBC and YouTube TV aren’t getting along. All that on the One-Off Tech Podcast Live.

Here are some links to visit if you want to lock down your privacy on different platforms such as Google, Facebook, and even Venmo.

Here is the site to go to slow down Facebook’s stalking of you when you are Not on Facebook. Facebook can track you if you don’t stop them.


Want to turn off all the apps that you gave Facebook permission to link to your account? Go here


Did you know Venmo shows an awful lot about your transactions by default if you don’t block it?

Here I have uploaded a PDF of the presentation I referenced during the live version of the Podcast on YouTube.

Privacy Smivacy

Repurposing your old Tech gear


What do you do with an old phone or tablet or old computer?

Quick Blip in the news

YouTube TV, my favorite streaming service for TV and NBC, my least favorite network and greedy conglomerate are fighting. Good news, YouTubeTV says if they lose NBC, they will cut their monthly subscription by $10 (US). Also good news, that is more than enough to subscribe to PeakcockTV if you really even care about NBC channels. Bad news, you may lose your local NBC affiliate if you are a fan of local news by NBC and also lose access to the Today Show.