S4E26: How To Revamp Your Videos on YouTube

Remember those videos you did when you first started your channel? Those ones that well, they got some views but they didn’t get a lot. How many videos have you done now? And now you are so much better at doing videos and thumbnails and titles and descriptions… This episode we talk about how to revamp old videos to get new views. Maybe the content of the video was great but no one found your video. Tonight we talk about ways to pull your old videos out of their algorithm dustbin and bring them new life. How you may ask? Watch and see. In a few weeks I will report back the results.

You can redo the Thumbnails, change up the titles, redo the descriptions, add more tags, and more to revamp your old videos. Maybe you need to get rid of a really long intro that was on your video. These are just some of the things you can do to revamp a video that needed more love.