S3E26: Windows 11 is coming for your computer

Windows 11 is coming for your computer October 5, 2021. Is your computer ready?


Windows 11 looks a lot like the Mac OS Dock.

Let’s take a peek at Windows 11 and what it looks like.

Demo time. Run DXDIAG on your computer. Does it support at least DirectX 12? Does it support WDDM 2.0 or greater? Do you have at least 4 gig of RAM? Does your computer have at least 2 CPU Cores? Then you might be able to run Windows 11. Also you will need at least a 64 gig system drive.

AMD processors that support Windows 11


Intel Processors that support Windows 11


How long?

Germany wants Apple and Android devices to have 7 years of updates and repairs. What do you think? How long should phone makers support your phone either via updates and via making sure you can buy parts for it? Germany wants not just the battery and the screen to be replaceable, they want all the parts of the phone to be orderable so consumers can repair their own phones. What do you think?