S5E13:Content Creators Meetup Volume 4

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This episode will have three amazing women on the show talking about their content creation journey, how they got started, and what challenges they have faced in their creation adventures. Come by and ask questions. Our Guests: Denise Jordan started YouTube about five years ago and discovered a love for teaching homemaking to today’s homemakers. She enjoys sharing knowledge that she’s acquired over 50+ years of homemaking. Her love of homemaking and wearing aprons while cooking, cleaning, and baking has organically led to the creation of her business Apron Diva. Denise can be found on YouTube at This and That with Denise Jordan and on Instagram at theaprondiva. Denise is a retired community health nursing instructor who has been married for more than 50 years. She has three children and eight grandchildren. Instagram @theaprondiva YouTube @ThisandThatwithDeniseJordan https://aprondiva.com

India Delgado says she is a Tech Nerd, a Banker, and a Content Creator, she loves to help people understand “complicated” tech! Born & raised in Brooklyn, eventually moving her way to the next best city, Philly! she started her tech gear journey working at RadioShack. She loved being amongst the first to test out the new gear! An instructor, coach, & motivator at heart, she transitioned her career to banking where she teaches financial literacy to First Time Homebuyers to help them achieve the dream of homeownership. When the pandemic hit, she pivoted her approach on delivering the seminars. She found the amazing EcammLive community and that is how she officially began her content creation and remote producing journey! Here is all the great places you can find India online” https://www.youtube.com/@indiadelgado https://www.facebook.com/IDelgadoProductions https://www.instagram.com/IDelgadoProductions_/ https://twitter.com/India_D782 https://www.linkedin.com/in/india-delgado-478279a/ Janet Dobbs teaches Animal Communication & Animal Reiki and has been an animal lover as far back as she can remember. She became a professional animal communicator in the late 1990’s and began teaching others how to deepen their relationships with animals. Before content creation, she worked over 30 years as a TV broadcast engineer working “behind the camera” doing everything from the transmitter, studio camera & audio, projectionist (anyone remember the days of film at 11?) and finally video editor. Working in sports, news, production and commercial gave her an understanding of the tech side of content creation. Janet began creating videos for her animal communication and animal Reiki programs and workshops in 2001. She began teaching online in 2010 and started going live in Facebook in 2019. Being in front of the camera is something she swore she would never do but finds it fun stepping way out of her comfort zone to support animals and the humans that love them. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@AnimalParadiseCommunication Website: https://animalparadisecommunication.com/ FB Group (The Animal Lover’s Café): https://www.facebook.com/groups/animalloverscafe FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/animalparadisewithjanet IG: https://www.instagram.com/janetdobbsanimalparadise/ ******************* Want to help support this channel? Visit this link and buy me a☕️coffee☕️ ►► https://www.buymeacoffee.com/techtroublemkr Anything you give will be “poured” into this channel for equipment upgrades and tech to make it better. 

S5E10: Do You Need a YouTube Moderator?

If you stream live, you need a moderator. Want to learn how to get started as a Moderator?

Then this episode is for you. Here is where you find Paul: YouTube Channel  @MrModeratorPaul 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ThePaulDuncan

Banned Word List & Spam Users https://mrmoderator.me/BlockedWords

Who is Mr. Moderator? Paul is more than just a professional moderator, he’s also an educator and mentor. With over 35 years in the telecom industry, Paul has worked with some of the top companies such as Cisco, SGI, SonicWall and Brocade. After unexpectedly retiring in 2018, Paul set out to explore how he could apply his expertise and experience. It didn’t take long for Paul to make a name for himself. Since 2021 he has been moderating for big names such as Ecamm, Doc Rock and Adrian Salisbury. He was able to moderate events ranging from hundreds of attendees to over 10,000 attendees! His hard work earned him a place on the Ecamm Academy team. Paul is a frequent moderator at conferences and summits. You can find him at upcoming streams for Ecamm Live, Doc Rock, Adrian Salisbury’s Ecamm Live Academy and Take One Tech. He is also the moderator for India Delgado, Tom Buck, and Matthew O’Brien, Mr. Camera Junkie and others. Paul believes that knowledge should be shared – so he created an online course in moderating, a 2,000+ blocked word list to protect streams and a list of known spammers. He is passionately working on his own Moderator Certification Program too!