S5E4: Using Checklists for Better Content Creation


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Wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist to help make sure you didn’t forget anything when you plan your content?  @WalterStrongIIIthehuddle  has compiled version 2.0 of his amazing checklist. We will talk about why checklists are so helpful and where you can get your very own copy so you can keep yourself organized as you become a Content Creation Machine!

Are you following Walter? https://www.youtube.com/@UCSM6UR2AyfrnV7AOB7gZA8w

You really should follow him as he Saturday livestreams drop so many useful tips and “truth bombs” about going live, protecting your accounts, how to stay organized, etc with your content creation. Plus he is one of my favorite people in the world so take the time to go and see what he is up to. Visit

Walter’s site:

https://www.walterstrongiii.com/ to request his checklist.

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00:00:00 Using checklist to help with content creation 00:00:31 @WalterStrongIIIthehuddle 00:01:48 Checklist before Going Live

00:10:15 Q&A Part 1

00:16:38 More Before Going Live checklist items 00:21:29 Q&A Part 2

00:26:23 Time to Go Live

00:39:27 Q&A Part 3

00:41:12 Ending Your Broadcast

00:48:37 Q&A Part 4

00:50:32 Meet Walter Strong III

00:50:52 Content Creation Checklist Extended Edition

01:05:23 Ugh, the wrong microphone this whole time

01:17:34 Outro

S5E2: Content Creators Meetup 1st International Edition

#techtroublemaker #contentcreators

What happens when you put a group of content creators (YouTubers, Instagramers?, TikTokers, Gamers) on one stream? Join and find out.

My guests are from all over the world and rather than keep them out too late past their bedtimes, this is a special 9am EST Livestream.

Okay, Tina, I am sorry, I am keeping you out a bit late but you are a night owl, right?

The Guest List (See bios below):


Cristina is @TinaWanKenobi , a playful take of her channel name which encapsulates her jedi personality – focusing on calmness and peace,…when she is not wielding her lightsaber.

She is a pretend extrovert and a closeted introvert. An expert dodger of projectile vomit, drama queens and wing nuts. From the time she decided to go full-speed in her YouTube channel, upon the encouragement of Mommy Lala ( @MommyGuideInc ), it took her three months to reach the subscriber count minimum and five months when she achieved watch hours to apply for monetization. Through all of this, she is powered by carbs, arts & crafts and Pearl earrings.


Paul Webber is an accomplished radio broadcaster in the UK, having been in the industry since 1989, performing on every day-part from the so-called “graveyard shift” from 10pm til 2am, breakfast shows, afternoon drive and the obligatory weekend bonus air shifts! Paul’s journey into live streaming is a relatively new one, beginning during lockdown in 2020. Since then, his Love Audio Production channel has seen steady growth through his audio production for beginners niche. Not quite at the monetisation stage yet, Paul’s aim is to organically grow the channel and continue to offer his knowledge and experience in the world of audio. On a side note, his other channel – @IroningManPaul is literally that, Paul ironing his clothes whilst chatting to his audience online! Paul has been a mobile DJ since he was 16 and he also freelances for Amazon Flex, so he delivers smiles via music or packages all around South West England.

**************** @AshBorland is a Mortgage Broker, Content Creator, and Podcaster helping those in the Mortgage Broker market promote and enhance their business. The awesome thing is a lot of what he does that makes him and his clients so successful can help with content creation over all. I watch so many of his Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/ashborland/) and YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o-p_CHC2Mw) videos and they are focused on Mortgage Brokers but the information is just so helpful and practical. If you are a broker, you should also listen to his podcast, the Mortgage Marketing Podcast with Ash Borland (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mortgage-marketing-podcast/id1500257189)


@Xanthi_S is a Web Developer and WordPress Expert who does WordPress/Elementor Pro tutorials as part of her regular channel and by night runs a Livestreaming Gaming channel with several of her friends and Blogger. She doesn’t know it yet but I need her to help me with my new website. Let’s talk.

@MarkusSchaub is one of my friends from Online Video Mastermind and LEDA who is one of the most supportive people I have ever known. He obviously doesn’t sleep as I see him often on streams at all hours of the day and night. Markus has his own YouTube channel where he talks about content creation and accountability to help others like himself accomplish their content creation goals. And then sometimes we just have Game Night with friends. His channel is so fun and I try so hard to never miss an episode of his Thursday livestreams.

This was one of the best shows ever on my YouTube Channel or on my Podcast. I hope you enjoyed both or either.