S3E15: Update Google Chrome NOW!!!

Update Google Chrome NOW S3E15 Podcast

Chapter 1

Update Google Chrome Browser NOW!!

If you run Google Chrome on Windows 10, you need to update it NOW. Seriously. If you run Google Chrome on Mac OS, you need to update now. There is a serious vulnerability and hackers are eager to take advantage of it. Here is a quick review on how to update Google Chrome browser in Windows 10 and then I will show you how on Mac OS.
Then we will talk about updating Windows and Mac OS in general. You need to be running at least version 91.0.4472.114 of Google Chrome browser to be safe from this hack on the WebGL. It is the API for talking to JavaScript.

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The best way to protect yourself from all of the attacks that are happening these days are two things, 1)Keep your OS up to date on every device whether PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android. Sadly Android is so fragmented it rarely gets updated like it should.
Next you need to run Antivirus. If you are running Windows, Microsoft Defender comes with your OS and as long as you allow it to update, it will do a decent job. If you are really paranoid though, you need to buy Antivirus such as McAfee Internet Security or Norton 360 Deluxe (though Norton is complicated and has a password keeper that is cool but confusing). Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is also a good option as long as it is Windows. On Mac my experience with Bitdefender has been horrible. It slows Intel based Macs to a crawl. I know Tom’s Hardware suggests it but my experience doesn’t match theirs and I am not getting paid to say anything good about any of these products.

Chapter 2

Fake Amazon Reviews

So you may not know this but often times here we are buying everything Amazon is selling on Prime day and you are probably looking at the reviews. But often the reviews are fake. 


You can visit the following website and paste the link for the item to find out what they say about the reviews on an item.


My Life with 64 Bit Google Chrome

Every since Google released the 64 bit version of Chrome via the developer channels in June (aka Canary builds) I have been running it. Running the developer channel has a couple of caveats. 1)It updates often, usually once, sometimes twice a day. You will see the green glow or yellow glow of the Hamburger in the upper right corner telling you something is amiss and you need to probably run an update. Faithfully I will usually run it if the Hamburger is glowing.


Hamburger Menu

The early releases didn’t like PDFs so I had to go in and disable Chrome Canary from loading PDFs in the browser as it would just display a blank page. As soon as I put in a bug report, this issue was resolved with the next update. Ask and you shall receive it seems.

The other bugs were it didn’t synchronize my settings, passwords, or install any of my extensions. So I had to re-install them all. Some like Hootsuite weren’t always happy about the 64 bit platform though it got better and has been mostly stable. This has greatly improved and all my favs are working fine.

Canary In A Chrome Coal Mine
Canary In A Chrome Coal Mine

Some days Chrome would get so laggy and all of the tabs would be blank. I would have to do a refresh (early on, only restarted resolved this). This only happens occasionally. Some of the things I do like are it is a hair faster and that it uses less memory. I keep a lot of tabs open and I use Chrome’s profile feature (which doesn’t come over from the 32 bit so you have to set it up again) so you may freak out when you see how many Chrome processes I have running currently. Notice they do not have the *32 bit designation by them, pure 64 bit baby!

Chrome Processes


Now the Beta of Chrome has finally been released. Remember, treat Canary as Alpha and Beta as well, beta. Don’t put your hopes and dreams into it.

Google Chrome Beta