S2E5: Geeks In Love #CouplesAndTechnology

Donna and Roy

In this Episode:

This is a very special episode that features my lovely wife, Donna. This is her first time on the program. We celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary May 31st. Both of us work in Information Technology so we share a passion for gadgets and technology and it is very much embedded into our lives and that of our kids. We talk about what it takes to keep things going with technology in a marriage or other coupling.

Also we talk about when we were featured in Computer World Valentines article about Geeks In Love. Donna and I along with other couples were featured about how we deal with technology issues.  You should read the whole article which was written by Tracy Mayor but here we are on page 3 of the article.

I hope you enjoy the show. #podcast

Here is a link to the study by Pew Internet Couples, Technology, and Social Media

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S2: EP4 How to Publish a Book with Amazon or Not

CreatespaceIn this Episode we talk with Author Charlotte Ehney who has published two books using Amazon’s Createspace. Createspace allows you to create a paperback version of your eBook. Charlotte talks about the process and what her inspirations are. While this may seem a short episode, there is a lot of good material about the writing process and the publishing process. Enjoy. Thanks for listening. And no, Amazon didn’t pay me to publish this episode. Sheesh.

Here are links to Charlotte’s current books on Amazon available as both eBook and Paperback.

Here is her Facebook page:
Her Blog:
Her GoodReads Author Profile page


Charlotte Ehney, Author

Charlotte holding a Paperback copy of her book, Blood Adversaries.


And here is a really good article that goes step by step through the process.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Book Publishing with Createspace