Sorry Microsoft, Teens use Google Drive

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Dec 3, 2014

Why? First the price point for a Chromebook is much less than an Apple iPad, Chromebooks have built in keyboards (though I have been curious why Google never tried Chrome OS on a tablet), and Google Drive with Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides makes it super easy for teachers and students to share and collaborate together. And with Google’s Cloud storage on the back end, students can’t say the dog ate their homework. Students are able to access Google on their smartphones, home computers, tablets, and essentially any Internet connected device. Though I have yet to be able to easily access it via my TV. Though the recent addition of being able to Chromecast videos from Google Drive on Chromebooks may be the start of sharing other Google Drive elements.

The general consensus: Teens like to work on-the-go and in collaborative ways and almost all of their school work happens on the internet. — JILLIAN D’ONFRO
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And in businesses, more and more companies are using Google Apps for Business. My professional and writing life I use Google Apps extensively. At work co-workers and I are able to collaborate on documents in real time. It is extremely useful to be able to work on the exact same document or spreadsheet at the same time. Incorporating Google Hangouts and being able leave comments or even chat while in the document have been a boon to our productivity.

As a writer, I have written my last couple of books using Google Docs exclusively. Being able to edit my work anywhere and on my every device is great. When meeting with editors and collaborators who make suggestions, I can make changes and edits while we are still talking via a tablet or even my phone (if I can pull it away from my ear mid-conversation). Even at home, Google Drive apps make it very easy to share with others everything from shopping lists to Christmas lists to budgets to the presentation for the next PTO meeting.

These very reasons may explain why under Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s direction, Microsoft is working hard to get there office suite on more than just Windows based devices. Microsoft used to give away or sell cheaper copies of Office, Windows, and developer tools to college students in order to ensure they “drank the Kool-Aid” before hitting the corporate world. If Office was all they used in College, well, it made sense for them to use it in the work place. If Microsoft can’t quickly become the de facto standard again in schools and colleges, Microsoft Office may skip this generation of kids, which means it will skip this generation of adults.

Do you use Microsoft Word at home or work still?

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