S3E34: Tech News Facebook Confused Clippy Renewed

Facebook Goes “Meta”. So as mentioned in the last episode, Facebook was going to rename themselves and in the end they did. They have renamed their parent company “Meta” as it shot for everything is Meta, Metaverse, As someone pointed out though, the emperor’s new clothes are all black (if you watched Zuckerberg’s announcement video, you know what I mean).

That’s all I am going to say about that since I think I covered it pretty well last week.

Microsoft Brings back Clippy, again. So two years ago Microsoft brought their famous Office mascot “Clippy” out of retirement for a series of promotions involving O365. Then just as quickly they took him back. Well, it seems Clippy is coming back as a pack of stickers for Microsoft’s collaboration and chat program, Teams. You will be able to use Clippy in conversations because, who doesn’t want to do that? 

Apple feeling guilty for distracting you while driving wants to add crash detection to its Apple Watch and iPhone so that if it detects a crash it will automatically call “911” for those in the US, or “999” in the UK, or “110” in Switzerland or “166” in the Philippines or “000” in Australia.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting a major DLC (Downloadable Content) to essentially 2.0. This DLC costs $25 bucks by itself or if you happen to move to Nintendo’s Online + Expansion pack. $49.99 for individuals or $79.99 (US) for Family. This comes with N64/Sega Genesis games you can download and Animal Crossing’s DLC for free. I have to admit I am addicted to Animal Crossing but when it began to feel like work, I gave up on it for a while. Animal Crossing’s new DLC fixes that by making your next Animal Crossing adventure about going to work. You are helping a realestate agent create vacation homes. Just what you need, leave work for the day and well, go to work in Animal Crossing.

And yes, Roblox was down for a long time this weekend. If your kids drove you crazy about it, it wasn’t your fault. Whenever your favorite sites are down and you want to know if it is you or them, visit to see if your favorite site or your ISP is having issues.

Lastly, go make yourself a folder where you place screenshots or snippets of accomplishments that others have acknowledged. Put this folder on your desktop. When you are having a bad day, go look at this folder to inspire and encourage yourself.

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