S3E21:Quantum Computing and Time Crystals?


What Is Quantum Computing and what are Time Crystals?

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Google working to allow Chrome on Android as a method of 2FA.

YouTube Premium Lite-Would you pay to not have ads on YouTube?

So you may be aware of YouTube Premium, YouTube’s service that gives you an ad-free YouTube experience but it also gives you access to ad-free YouTube Music (which may or may not require its own subscription depending on who you ask), the ability to download some videos, and the ability to go to other apps and listen to YouTube videos in the background. 

Now YouTube is testing a service that would let you pay to just not see ads. B and H Photo, I am talking to you here. You guys need more variety in your ads. I have seen the couple in Alaska’s video so many times it terrorizes me in the night. They seem like a nice couple so it isn’t them but dang, mix up the videos if you won’t observe my attempts to hide this commercial. Oh and Mindvalley, what is up? Do I really look like I want to be a life coach? Okay, maybe I do, but I don’t recall watching something that I thought would trigger you to show me that add over and over and over and over again. Seriously. YouTube, I don’t mind ads. When allowed, I skipped them, so okay maybe I do. But seriously can you please mix it up, show me random stuff. Just saying.

Old Android is dead

Got a really old Android device say running Android 2.3.7? After September 27th, you won’t be able to use your Google account to log into that phone. Why? Because it is a trainwreck security wise. Your 4 year old could hack that device using their Little Tikes Trike. Just saying. It means my Droid 4 phone if I pulled it out of the drawer and powered it up, would not let me in after that date. That is the version of the OS called Gingerbread. No one should still have a phone running this. It would be a ten or 11 year old phone. So this is probably a non-issue for any of my viewers.

Stupid Apple tricks

I stumbled upon this on my own and then of course I Googled to see if anyone else had found this. Yep, someone did.

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