Episode 2: Anonymous Browsing Ain’t so Anonymous

Anonymous Browsing Ain't so Anonymous

On Episode 2 of the One-Off Technology Podcast:

Title: Anonymous Browsing Ain’t so Anonymous is it

First up this is a re-recording of Episode 2 of the original podcast. Due to a technical issue, when we recorded Episode 2, my voice was in chipmunk mode. I was working to “brighten” my voice and the whole episode wound up with Chuck’s voice fine but mine in Chipmunk mode. So… we created a new episode 2 on the same topic, Anonymous Browsing.

Did you know you aren’t anonymous when you are browsing in private or incognito mode with your browser? It’s true. So many things are collecting information about you while you browse the web and your ISP is logging all of it. In some countries, ISPs are required to keep these logs in case the officials or police want to see them at a later date. In the UK, this time period is six months. In the US, the laws are inconsistent, so who knows exactly what ISPs are doing.

Have you thought about your privacy on Facebook? We talk about ways to stop others from knowing you exactly and what can happen if they do know too much about you. And we talk about plugins that help protect your privacy and protect your browser.

And of course, while recording a technical glitch happens that convinces us a ghost must be in the machine.


Episode 4: All I needed to know in Life I learned from ‘Call of Duty’

All I needed to know if in life I learned from 'Call of Duty'

On Episode 4 of The One-Off Technology Podcast:

Title: All I needed to know in Life I learned from ‘Call of Duty’

We talk about Videogames and Education, Gamification for work and life hacks. We “Drone” on about how war simulators help us learn to be Drone pilots. We talk about the actual lessons we learn from Video games and our guests, Chuck Brinck and Phil Burda give us their top three video games of all time.

I hope you enjoy the show!