Episode 6: The New Age of Learning

The New Age of Learning

On Episode 6 of the One-Off Technology Podcast:

Title: The New Age of Learning

Do you ever feel like an Internet bottom-feeder? I do. What do I mean? Basically, I search the Internet, especially Google, and I take from the well. I think of the Internet as a well. When we need to know something we go and watch a YouTube video or read a blog on how to do something. I feel like I need to give back to the Internet by posting about topics I know about. Sure, I may know about the same topic as someone else but I feel like I can present it in a different way.

So this episode we talk about the different ways to quickly become an expert on a topic. What you do with it after you master it is your call. But I say, write a blog, write a book, or podcast and share you new found knowledge with the world so you too “give back to the well”.

Go out find knowledge wherever you can. Be who you were meant to be. Go and make your mark on the world and Don’t be a bottom feeder.

Editor’s Note: Corrections and links (None of the links below have given any kind of goods or services to have their names mentioned. Except for in a couple of cases, I have personally used all of these and if I loved them, I tell you so.)

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References from the Podcast:

Correction 1: The show I couldn’t think of, Stingray

Georgia Tech’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for Masters of Computer Science

Correction 2: Iron Works? NOPE, it is Iron Yard which offers programming boot camps for people looking to master a topic or change careers. This is not the only one and I do not have any experience with this company.

The following are CBT (Computer Based Training) sites that I have personally used.

Udemy is great for single courses. So if you are looking for a course on a single topic, most are really good. Pay attention to the reviews before signing up for a course. They often offer big discounts on courses. Sometimes $9 or $10 is a reasonable price for a course that may or may not be great. But if it has good reviews, it is probably worth at least that. The quality of the courses are often times hit or miss. I highly recommend watching the preview for any course you consider before buying.

Pluralsight is awesome if you want to take every course available about a specific topic. If you are a programmer, you can pretty much find courses on nearly every language. The courses do get dry at times but it covers topics in such great depth it is worth it.

Site Point Premium I love Site Point Premium. It is geared toward developers and they often write books first and then create CBT courses to go with their books. If you subscribe to their site, you get the books and the courses free. All you can eat for as long as you are subscribed. is now owned by LinkedIn. I am curious to see what this will mean in the future for this site and for LinkedIn.


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