S5E16: Don’t Let Self Sabotage Or Self Defeating Feelings Get In The Way Of Your Content Creation!

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Are you the type who self sabotages themselves? Do you have Self Defeating thoughts that prevent you from making content? Let’s talk about those situations and feelings at we are guilty of giving into. I have self sabotaged myself at times and this prevented me from making content. I have had self defeating thoughts that have prevented me from making content. I still battle these. I wish I could say I have banished them completely but let’s talk about ways to cope and ways to prevent them from derailing your content creation journey.

S5E15: 8 Mistakes Small YouTubers like You and I Make and How to Fix them

#TechTroublemaker #NoExcuses

So many mistakes, so little time. I am often asked how do I make so many mistakes in a day. It’s easy. I get up early.

This episode we talk about 8 Mistakes Small YouTubers Like YOU and I Make. And hopefully one day we will both stop doing that. Why do I keep making these mistakes over and over again even though I know that I shouldn’t? Have you ever felt that way? Part of the issues is that some of these mistakes require effort and if you are a content creator who also works a full time job, which means your YouTube creation is fit into the time you can squeeze in between family and home and whatever else you have going on. It is probably time to make up some “Atomic Habits” to organize your life.