Episode 4: All I needed to know in Life I learned from ‘Call of Duty’

All I needed to know if in life I learned from 'Call of Duty'

On Episode 4 of The One-Off Technology Podcast:

Title: All I needed to know in Life I learned from ‘Call of Duty’

We talk about Videogames and Education, Gamification for work and life hacks. We “Drone” on about how war simulators help us learn to be Drone pilots. We talk about the actual lessons we learn from Video games and our guests, Chuck Brinck and Phil Burda give us their top three video games of all time.

I hope you enjoy the show!

The One-Off Technology Podcast (Now on iTunes)

If you have followed this blog awhile (you may have been disappointed I don’t post often) you may have noticed some hype about our new Podcast called “The One-Off Technology Podcast”. Each week it is about a topic in the Tech News world that has potential effects on everyday people. Whether you realize or not, you are affected by Technology; whether it be smart phones, tablets, Artificial Intelligence, or workplace automation? We try our best to put those ideas into plain english so you can decide if you are affected.

So now we are on iTunes. Woot! Okay, I am excited anyway. The first season will have 10 episodes. Find it and please subscribe.


Google Play is coming soon. Waiting on them!


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