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(that headline was inspired by an anonymous person)

Samsung Fridge

Before you read this, read this:
The smart TV surge has been a concern of mine for some time. I was worried about this on two fronts, 1)Your TV may never get a software update and so many new or improved services never reach your TV 2)Security. Wouldn’t it be great if your TV was hacked and began showing hard core porn to your little ones right in the middle of their Blue’s Clues episode?

I once stayed in a cheap motel (long story as to why) with a microwave with the front glass with a hole in it, the bathroom painted black and cold concrete walls, and when I turned on the TV, I was shocked to find it only got one channel and I picked just the right moment to turn the TV on. Arg!

So what becomes of your smart device that is hacked? You don’t have any options currently for any type of firewall and/or anti-virus as part of the OS that runs on our devices. The average person is not going to know how to program their Internet routers to block certain ports to help try and prevent such an attack. And how about those who have placed cameras on their Smart TVs to Skype with others. Your camera could be turned on when you least expect it. Do these devices store personal information such as name, address, telephone number, and gasp, your credit card number(s)? Say the next big thing is the fridge that can order what you just ran out of?

The day will come and with NSA’s tricks up their sleeve, it is only a matter of time or it may be too late before people who are even less trustworthy than the NSA gets a hold of the latest hacks that allow them to take over any device.

Please don’t Internet enable my toothbrush. I don’t need it to go insane and try and attack me. I won’t be buying that one.

Are you ready for the hackers?

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