S3E25: Solar Flares and the Internet

Watch the video to see how it went down live. https://youtu.be/HxasY9DHxr0

From the What do you want me to do about it department…

So scientists revealed this week that if the Sun had really big solar flare activity it had the potential to knock out the Internet

A solar storm could knock out the Internet

So scientists warned recently in a Wired article that a large solar storm could knock out the Internet especially that goes over the many undersea cables that make a global Internet possible.

First you have to understand a little about Solar Flares



Google “the Carrington Event” that happened in the late 1800’s. Also an event in 1989 that took down the power grid in Quebec.

Apple Tries to Change

Apple tries to make amends with developers after it has profited off of them for so long.


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