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S3E16: Married with Tech

So I was traveling and because of that I had to post this as is from our YouTube video. This is the transcript. It isn’t very user friendly. 

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hey this is roy richardson of the 

one off technology podcast and



this is a very different episode first of all 

as as you might tell it’s not live but that’s



okay i have a very special guest and no it’s not 

alexa she was fun but she’s not here tonight so



well she will be but that’s a different story 

i’m sure she’s going to butt in as we call



her by mistake but anyway so i want to bring in 

somebody this is like one of the most important



people in my life probably the most important 

person in my life and i am excited to have her



on the show uh as a reluctant occupant um anyway 

um and so this is my wife donna richardson how



are you that’s not my indicator that’s something 

i need to edit anyway so donna and i met at a long



time ago a long time ago in a galaxy far away 

and she was on the help desk at the company i



worked for i um met we were friends and um i was 

in the middle of a divorce and once that was over



i’m like you know i really do like that 

donner girl and i like hanging out with her



i think i’ll go ask her out and 

then i’ll ask her to marry me



um and she was so silly she said yes 

i don’t know what she was thinking



don and i both work in i.t for our 

respective companies um i started off



on well i started off as a lowly computer operator 

and worked my way up to server admin and then i



was attached to the help desk and then donna came 

on board with the company she worked for it was an



outsourced help desk and was working for that 

help desk and then when the economy got tight



she left and went to another company 

and worked on their help desk and then



went into server administration and 

now she works for a health care system



so yeah she’s moved on i’m still the 

same company i haven’t changed at all



um so donna and i married we’ve been married 

18 years now and we have four amazing kids



four and the two youngest are ours and 

then the two oldest or also ours but



my from a previous relationship and they’re 

well it depends on you ask but they’re adults



um and then of course we have the two younger who 

think they’re adults but they are not age-wise



and the kids were practically born with ipads 

in their hands they used to joke about xander



being born with keyboard missing and we live in 

a smart house so if you look behind donna she has



a light switch right there on the wall run back 

there somewhere yes vana right there point to it



and um so i mean we have everything 

hooked up to um echo devices



and sorry echo and google devices and so 

we can turn the house on a moment’s notice



so we have everything all right almost to the 

point where they’re just constantly conflicting



with each other that’s true even in the car like 

last night we were coming home and you’re like



oh you know turn on porch light and it did 

and we were halfway up the road still yeah



that’s true why do you want to go in the house 

in the dark but yeah we have an alexa auto and



we have echo dots all over the place well just in 

this room alone just in like the one room we have



an alexa an echo and a google right yes that 

is true and just in this one room we have



probably six different devices that respond 

to it so like the lights on my desk are set up



with uh smart outlets um and so i turned them on 

once george and one’s marcia and i also have ethel



ethos my ring light but she only gets involved 

if i’m doing demonstrations right here on my desk



and i have fred over here yep and 

then we have the office slide above us



which only comes on periodically and then



i know there’s more but that’s enough for the 

discussion but anyway the point being is that



we have a a smart house and sometimes 

that smart house is smarter than us



i think people are freaked out by it like people 

guests that we have come over are a little bit



intimidated by all of the connectivity we have 

here and i think it’s amazing and we have lots



of smart cameras as well we have smart thermostat 

um if i had any more cameras you know you would



think i was doing a just fans channel um so what 

is your favorite thing about the amazon based



devices so that the amazon devices have 

more personality even when she gets it wrong



it’s interesting as opposed to google 

who has a very friendly voice but yet



gets it wrong and it’s just not it’s just 

not she’s just not as nice about it yeah



i like the fact that i can pick up my phone where 

i’m running the alexa app and i can just on the



um for the moment i can set an alarm in the 

kids rooms who all have alexa devices um



or i can turn on music in one of their rooms or 

the room i’m in i can control the lights i can



control all of the devices we have in the 

house controlled by them from my phone too



so yeah i mean and that’s also how i let 

people know supper’s ready so i’ll say hey



announce oh actually i’ll say broadcast supper’s 

ready and it will go out to the whole house



i had the mute echo here because she 

kept trying to get into the conversation



so yeah and one it was kind of a funny story 

for us so our youngest daughter’s name is alyssa



and so we had to change the wake word on the the 

google i mean i’m sorry the amazon devices because



it was setting off alexa and so alexa would jump 

into every conversation that involved alyssa



yeah um and so that was pretty funny so i changed 

it to computer at first and so imagine a two a two



or three year old trying to say computer and she 

couldn’t and it was very frustrating for her so i



finally changed all the devices to echo so but 

i thought computer was fun because it kind of



reminded me of star trek and that’s and that was 

what amazon had in mind when they added computers



one of the weak words so i do wish you could 

customize the wake words on those devices more



um everybody set their own i think that would be 

good yes it’ll be so good well also there for a



while when we had it named one of them named 

alexa and we would yell out to do something



melissa would think we were calling her 

that is true also yes that is true yeah um



but and it’s funny so i’ve been a googler for 

a long time and google’s sent me the first



google mini uh over the years i’ve gotten a lot 

of free devices from google i don’t know how they



have just sent me a lot of free stuff um so i’ve 

gotten like a chrome i got when they gave out



the first chromebooks the uh the cr48s i was so 

excited one of my friends sent me a message hey



i just saw on twitter that you got a chromebook 

i like what oh yeah i saw it on twitter you got a



chromebook because google’s releasing everybody’s 

names out there and they said i saw your name roy



and i thought well this is the only roy i know in 

south carolina so it’s got to be you and you’re



in the technology so it’s probably you and then 

funny enough two hours later ups showed up and



there was my chromebook so it was kind of creepy 

like people keeping up with me so close on twitter



that they know exactly what’s getting delivered 

to my house um but i really love that but anyway



so they sent me a google mini and i was really 

excited about it because my thought was hey so



i’m on my phone and until literally six months 

ago i have been an android person since 2009.



and so it’s very hard to change my world to 

iphone i do like a lot of things about iphone



there’s also a lot of things i hate so i fuss 

about the phone a lot my wife’s probably tired



of hearing that but the point being is that so i 

got the first device i can just say okay google



and google will light up want me to ask 

something but the thing i don’t like



about the google device is that i don’t have any 

questions right now google but thanks for asking



um the problem i have is that the results you get 

on the device are not as good as what you get on



search so i can literally search the exact same 

phrase verbally and then do it on my phone in a



browser on my pc in a browser and no it’s not what 

i want and i think there’s some context missing



and so you don’t get the whole thing 

there so i don’t know what do you think



um there are times when i like to just 

do searches by typing um versus verbal so



but i know you it all comes so natural for you 

like for you things flow with these devices so



much easier than me you know what i mean 

like for me it’s not that it’s not easy



i just don’t have as much fun as you do sometimes 

with it maybe that’s what it is it takes patience



yes yes and it should be easier and it 

isn’t and so you want it to be easier



and i don’t blame you i do too i think 

the devices make it harder in some ways



but yeah i love being able to say echo turn 

on office light and the office light comes on



you know and i do i really really like the 

things that come easy on it and and like i said



you know set alarms the the usage of the devices i 

really like aspects of it but i don’t necessarily



like the concept of always speaking my search 

terms that’s the part i don’t necessarily like



if it’s a bigger discussion and we’re sitting 

around you and i like we do or the kids are



sitting there and we’re having fun with it that’s 

one thing but when i’m doing a serious search



i prefer just to type in my search yeah no i do i 

do i was was gonna say the thing that google does



best for us is timers for cooking yeah it makes 

it so easy i really love that feature about it



also in the mornings i have routine i’ll say good 

morning and it’ll tell me the news and the weather



and i like that so those are things that google 

does well and i enjoy that about it and so



when i got our first amazon device which we paid 

for i’ve got nothing free from amazon now to think



about it why do i like amazon i got to think about 

that what’s happening yeah nothing nothing free



they’ve given me nothing i haven’t 

just said you know let me just send



roy something because google does it why can’t 

we but yeah like google sent me a google tv



but to be fair you are kind of the king 

of some weird thing where you win devices



get free stuff well that’s true i 

think that um devices are drawn to me



maybe maybe there’s there’s something about 

that something about me causes devices



i have won a lot of computer gadgets and devices 

i don’t win money i but i can win uh watches



so you’ve won an ipod back in the day you 

won you an apple watch and they were newer



yeah when they were newer um didn’t you get you 

got an ipad i did win an ipad yes i helped was



they didn’t give them to me though 

this was just contests that i entered



and won um or a set of circumstances that things 

just fell in the line and i won i won um this bb-8



i’m sorry no yeah it’s bb-8 robot yeah yeah 

i entered a twitter contest and won that um



yeah i probably have some other stuff 

yeah yeah there’s been lots of things



i i don’t know how that works i’m told i should 

play the lottery but i you know there’s i don’t



know the odds are not ever in my favor with the 

lottery probably it’s just it’s just you know



yeah it’s just a weird thing but you know and i do 

love my device i have a habit i have an addiction



for gadgets i’m always looking for the gadget 

that does the next thing i have gone through a



long series of fitbit watches i have always been 

a fan of fitbit um but as i got serious on running



fitbit didn’t fit the bill and um but 

fitbit has great customer service i’ve had



several devices fail and they just send me 

another one and so the customer service that



fitbit’s really good from that standpoint um 

though i’ve gotten sent more devices because



devices failed than probably should yeah yeah um 

but i don’t do anything i’m not using my devices



hammers or anything i’m actually fairly i’m i 

keep the boxes for every device i get i have



this thing i don’t know why i like keeping the 

pretty box i love boxes that open really nicely



um if you’ve seen my mac mini unboxing video 

i’m very methodical and opening it makes me



crazy when i see the kids just rip into 

things like no don’t do that let’s let’s



open it gently i want to like peel back you 

know peel back and just and and open things



i don’t know why i don’t know it’s a quirk it’s 

me but i like to keep the boxes around until



i know the device is going to function fine 

and then at a later date i will get rid of it



maybe later a year later it’s going to be a 

year later probably but yeah but yeah you know



i like the devices too i think over 

the years you’ve gotten me to need



so it’s easy to spoil ourselves 

with devices yeah i mean bill gates



had this really automated home smart home a long 

time ago and i’m like man i want that and so



these devices brought that capability in reach 

and there are so many knockoff companies making



smart outlets that you can easily connect the only 

downside is that i have like 14 different apps for



every device i even have a smart power strip from 

apc which unfortunately has to have its own app



but i like that i can actually name each one of 

the usb plugs on it and and have devices come on



so how much of the population do you 

think understands smart home devices



and how to use them and are actually building them 

like yeah we fully engaged and we have this house



wired up but we’re both in i.t backgrounds or 

i.t careers with i.t backgrounds so we have that



comfort and that knowledge but people that aren’t 

with that technical background don’t understand it



don’t know how to even find out about it yeah 

well i think most people so the the alexa and the



lex and the google mini devices are the gateway 

drug to smart devices um when when i got our when



we got our first google mania the first thing i 

thought like there’s got to be some way to use it



to do something here and so then once the really 

expensive smart atlas started following price



it started with a belkan our kmart was going out 

of business and they had a belkan on the shelf



that was like 14 bucks it normally was like 60 

something i’m like oh i want the smart outlet so



i bought it yeah brought home and that was the 

first device that i paired up with the google



the mini but then when we got an echo device oh 

i think we bought something and the first echo



device was a freebie that came with that i don’t 

even know what it was but the first one but i



liked the amazon device better because well it had 

more personality and it legitimately seemed like



it wanted to learn and so a lot of customization 

and and google has that but they don’t make it as



easy and i know that the whole purpose of the 

amazon devices is to get you to buy more stuff



i mean that’s google’s plan too but google 

doesn’t have as many products to sell you the



echo device the amazon device is always trying 

to say oh something you buy is available or you



just bought something a month ago and you’re 

probably about to run out like gummy vitamins



um so we have a gummy vitamin addiction we must 

talk about in another episode but yeah um so it’s



like oh no you you probably gotta be running out 

of this vitamin that just let me know i’ll add



to your sharpen card you know so i literally have 

to turn off that feature where it will let me buy



things through the dock because i don’t like that 

because there’s no parental controls well and it



these smart devices get a lot of bad publicity 

there for a while around that very thing the



accidental shopping the kids ordering stuff 

and i think that probably hurts some of the



adoption of them yeah because the kids took to 

them they figured out oh i can do this with this



device and mom and dad never figured out so 

they didn’t know to turn that off and and so



i mean you’re absolutely right how many houses i 

think everybody i think there’s a large percentage



i would say probably 30 percent of people have 

echo or google devices if not more i mean you have



your phones it’s even your phone can be a smart 

device in the mix because you can run the alexa



app you can run the google assistant app you can 

use siri see apple has what’s called home kit and



they do have some smart speakers but they never 

jumped in the level that google and amazon has but



apple’s play is that they’re more geared toward 

your privacy and so i mean there’s been things



google and amazon are technically always listening 

because they have to listen for their awake word



and so there’s always a brief recording before 

and probably a brief recording after amazon for



example and google both now have a feature where 

after you ask a question it kind of listens around



to see if there’s a follow-up to that 

question before it goes back to sleep



the other big thing i have found to be very 

useful on the using the app on the phone is



when we’ve been out we’re away and the kids have 

been with babysitters or whoever here at home



and been able to through the phone do a drop in 

on one of the alexa echo devices and actually



carry on a verbal conversation with the kids 

through the device while not in the same house



yeah yeah no that’s very cool i like being able to 

do that for my phone as well it’s like hey how you



guys doing everything okay you want to bring pizza 

home you know that type of thing yeah i mean and



you can order pizza through the device i don’t 

but you can but but i don’t because you can add



skills and routines to the devices to let you do 

cool things like that okay let’s talk about skills



because you know one of our favorite skills is 

the sleep sounds sleep sounds i love having the



echo in the room in the bedroom and being 

able to play sleep sounds of various



yeah i do like that i gotta find 

let’s see i gotta show you this



this is this is my uh let’s see here’s the 

latest okay so i’m gonna share my screen



you’re gonna wind up with two cameras because 

hey i’m gonna goof this up but that’s okay



all right hey there’s two of me all right all 

right this spreadsheet so i have an alexa skill



every time a song is played on our alexa 

devices it gets recorded to a spreadsheet um



on my google drive so amazon and then we’ll 

play we’ll play together um i there’s no



telling what i’m going to see here so i’m sorry 

if something i don’t know about the kids played



is going to show up here like i don’t remember 

playing this when did we play that i don’t



know it says we played it yesterday at 11 42 

a.m i don’t remember that but i can’t oh huh



but it could be it could be i’m capturing every 

time the kids play songs too i don’t know we’ll



get to find out what the kids are into i had 

some crazy notion that i was gonna do something



go ahead i’m sorry no that’s because we 

weren’t home at that time were we but that’s



seventeen so yeah well well yeah it’s 17th right 

yeah so my my goal i was playing around with



with the data science and the r programming 

language i’m like you know what’d be really cool



is to go and find how many times a song was played 

i i just wanted to like what’s my top 10 list of



all the songs amazon plays for me what are the top 

10 songs yes i could take the spreadsheets and put



them all together and sort them but that’s not 

teaching me r and so i would that i thought that



was fun of course it’s easier to do with python 

trust me do data science for python r is nice but



you can do so many things with python r is the 

way to go no python’s the way to go r is okay



i just felt the need to say that i don’t 

know why so what’s your favorite thing to



do with the gadget so you talk about the sleep 

sounds we we use those those are really cool



so babbling brook is our favorite it 

is white noise for the dogs because



our big dog will bark at anything and so we 

play white noise to drown out the sounds of



like the possum the raccoon that come up on 

our porches and it works it does work um but



he’ll bark at everything else so i don’t i don’t 

think if anybody comes up on the porch that we’re



gonna miss it because he’s gonna freak but if 

they’re louder than a raccoon or opossum yeah so



yeah i do i just like having the devices available 

just for the miscellaneous things like we’ve



talked about yeah and and even though we all 

have iphone iphones now i was the last hold out



because everybody in the house went iphone way 

before i did so like i said i didn’t get one



until this year um my job provides me with a phone 

and i said well we’re going to go iphones and so



that’s how wide open won i had a samsung galaxy s8 

that i really loved i’ve had some amazing phones



over the years and then there was a phase where we 

both had like uh android phones she had i had the



uh she had the droid i had the droid two and she 

had the droid r2d2 it was a star wars themed phone



that was such a cool phone i loved it it had all 

the star wars sounds and i can go you know r2d2



yeah that’s my interpretation of a r2d2 

sound i’m sorry okay but yeah and then



i like the fact when i was using google maps 

on it um your your car was an x-wing fighter



i don’t know i liked it we have friends 

that would love it so yeah um so anyway



yeah and and so that’s that’s our life 

you know all the gadgets that we get



and play around with and now i get asked to 

do a lot of tech reviews and so people send



me gadgets and i’ll review them um sometimes they 

don’t like what i say but i review them anyway so



um because yeah i’m gonna be honest about 

it if it’s something i believe in i’m gonna



say this is something i like i personally use 

and we do like alexa and google devices they



yeah and then we have tp-link light switches 

all over the house we have lots of belkin stuff



and a couple of knockoff companies uh 

genevieve and that type of thing and then



yeah so we have three rooms things like this and 

i haven’t thought about it until just now there



are three rooms in this house that have both 

an echo and a google device in it that is true



that is true we have an echo and 

a google device in the bedroom



we have an echo echo multiple echo 

devices and a google device in the office



the living room has a google nest mini because 

we use it to watch the cameras um so that’s



really cool that might be my favorite yeah i in 

a lot of ways it’s my favorite i kind of wish i



had the bigger one um but i like the fact that 

the mini the small one doesn’t have a camera



i like that one because it sits there on the 

coffee table in the living room and i can it



plays the pictures like from our google photos 

so all the time it’s working like a digital



um i said we can’t find the words we’ll say media 

center how about that frame photo frame it’s like



a digital photo frame which i don’t typically 

like the digital photo frame but on that device



it’s showing like two pictures at a time and 

it’s just flipping through them and we have



thousands of pictures out there so i i really 

like that and i like the fact that i can look



at the nest camera through there yeah if you’ve 

seen a previous episode where i talked about



google photos i still use it even though 

they did away with the the free unlimited



um but i have a subscription to google drive 

so that’s why i’m allowed to can afford to put



a hundred plus turbo 100 plus gig of photos out 

there um and yeah it’s really cool in the nest



to have the pictures of course we also have 

chromecast a google also gave me a chromecast



so we have the chromecast connect to our tv 

and it cycles through our pictures as well so



it’s really cool um and then they recently gave us 

google tv i’ve had some issues with the google tv



um yeah yeah so i hate to bash 

roku i like the roku device better



i like because agnostic so anyway i talked about 

that in episode two but anyway i talk about a lot



of stuff maybe i talk too much what do you guys 

think leave a note in the comments let me know



let me know if you think i talk too much so um if 

you like this video and want to see others like it



please subscribe to our channel um hit the hit the 

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you asking if they want to see more videos of us 

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see if they want to see more vid they’re probably 

going to say i’d love to see videos of donna



he can go so i see that happening nope i see it 

i see it yeah um also i am out on social media



as tech troublemaker uh tech trouble mkr on 

facebook and twitter because twitter would



not let me buy the two extra vials needed to 

make my maker into a full word so yeah there



you go anyway and i also i love when you guys ask 

questions or leave a comment so please do those



things put those things out there i want to see 

them because and i do reply to every comment um



it can happen stranger things can happen you 

never know with you you never know me yeah so



thank you for letting me be a guest 

thank you for agreeing to be a guest



you would not have any you have no idea how much 

bribing i had to do to get her to be here yeah so



she’s like i don’t want to be on 

your show no she’s not going that way



she said it i don’t know she said it in a nice 

way but i don’t remember it still felt the same



nothing to do with you i don’t want to 

be in your dumb web show i want to know



um this isn’t icarly that’s not how the internet 

works now okay um which by the way i carly’s back



out i’m not getting paid to say that and i don’t 

have paramount plus so i can’t even watch it



and and and jeanette crary’s 

not on it so without sam



is it still carly i mean i know 

i like carly i like friends yeah



i can’t think of the brother’s name what’s 

the older brother’s name i don’t remember



i should know you know because we were funny 

enough we were talking about spaghetti tacos



the other night we were going to serve 

the kids we have done spaghetti tacos



our younger ones don’t like 

sauce saucing or spaghetti



i gotta have salsa mine the youngest doesn’t 

even like spaghetti that’s true that’s true



so but the other two the other two loved 

it it was awesome yeah yes that was that



i can’t believe i can think of his name so 

anyway because his brother the actor is on



sliders not spencer but the gentleman that plays 

gary trainer yeah yeah slider’s not on anymore



but you know it’s on one of those channels 

now i just saw it recently flipping channels



so yeah all right well so i think that 

about wraps our show up uh we kind of talked



some about how technology kind of affects our 

household and our mindset and how we are insane



um we are wait did i say that loud i don’t think 

that’s supposed to just happen in my head with the



voices let’s be our secret it’s supposed to be our 

secret so anyway thank you so much for watching



donna thank you so much for coming on the 

show i’d love to bring it back on another time



um so at a later date i’ll do it 

sporadically so it seems more like an event



for me and for her to just be an ordeal but but 

it’ll be an event and and so yeah cool beans



thank you so much all right bye don’t forget 

like and subscribe like and subscribe hit that



bell all right thanks for watching and cue intro 

music the outro music cue music let’s do this



maybe not that one how about this one



wow i’m not hearing the voices in my 

head oh that’s cause i gotta turn out wow



bye see you in the funny papers



and it just fell like that just it 

was over like that what do you think