S4E2-Bad Passwords and the 5 Best Password Managers

Top 5 Password Managers

Good Passwords and the Best Password Managers

#TechTroublemaker #PasswordManagers #PasswordSecurity
This episode Eric Belardo from https://www.raicescyber.org/ who we will talk about good password edicate and then we’ll talk about the best password managers. Will Eric and I agree? Find out. You really should go visit his channel and Subscribe
https://www.youtube.com/c/EricBelardoCyber Eric will also talk about what his organization does for the Hispanic community by offering training, mentoring, and opportunities to enable greater diversity in the Cyber Security community. Eric is a sought after speaker on TV and in person, having performed keynote speeches/ webinars and many YouTube Videos and Livestreams and I am excited to have him on the program tonight to help you protect yourself and your family and whatever else matters most.


S3:E40: The Tech Troublemaker Christmas Special

This was such a great episode. I had so many guests and we did trivia night and then we had the World Premier of the “13 Days of Christmas”. It was such a fun time. You will probably have to watch the videos to get the full effect of it all. 

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