S3E19: Tech Tips for Family Vacations #Top5

Tech Tips For Family Vacation S3E19S3E19

Tech Tips for Family Vacations #Top5

  1. Offline Google Maps
  2. Amazon Prime movies or MoviesAnywhere or Google Play or Apple
  3. Battery banks (I am big fan of Morphie and Anker brands)
  4. Use Google Search or Yelp to find the best restaurants “restaurants near me” “burgers near me” “seafood near me”
  5. Get a mobile charger with at least three ports and long cables so the kids in the back can keep their devices charged.

Bonus: Find My iPhone and Android “Find My Device” to help locate a lost phone. Be sure to enable this so it will call your phone in the event you lose it.

Here is how to do Offline Google Maps


Chapter 2

Good news!

Japan has broken the Internet speed record with a record setting 319 Tera bits per second. Basically you can transfer about 7,000 HD movies in one second at that speed. Of course it took lots of optimal conditions to make that happen, special fiber optic cables and such so yeah. Sadly it turns out you can only pay attention to one YouTube video at a time anyway. 


Chapter 3

Google Search Tricks

Did you just search for something you are so embarrassed about that you don’t even want Google to remember? 

On your mobile device, if you have the Google Search app. Click on the icon in the upper right corner and then choose “Delete Last 15 min”. It will take a few moments but it will delete the last 15 minutes of your search history with Google.

On your PC, well not so easy. If you plan to search for something embarrassing then I suggest using Incognito mode where it doesn’t save cookies or tie it to your Gmail/Google account. 


Quick Hit:

If you have a Ring brand doorbell, go turn on End to End Encryption. Before this your videos were possibly accessible. With encryption this will make it harder for random folks to hack their way to access it. Go to “Control Center”, Video encryption, Advanced Settings, and turn on End to End encryption. 


Oh, and go update Chrome again. Just do it. You really should check for updates any apps you use for Internet.


S3E18: My Favorite Apps and Print Nightmare


Chapter 1

My Favorite Apps Plus Tech News #Top10

My Favorite apps

  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Keep
  3. Authenticator Plus
  4. 1Password
  5. YouVersion Bible app
  6. Filmic Pro
  7. Google Photos
  8. Audible
  9. Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker (one of my wife’s favorites)
  10. IMDb

Chapter 2

Print Nightmare

I was so hoping that tonight I would get to come on tonight and I wanted to focus on Good News in Tech. I am always warning you about stuff or recommending you need to update this or run this app or make sure your antivirus is up to date.

Go run Windows update and update your PCs and laptops. There is a print spooler vulnerability that hackers can take advantage of to literally load programs onto your computer via the print spooler. Now if you are asking what is the print spooler? Excellent question. Basically it is the piece of software that handles printing tasks. When you print from your computer, the print spooler spins out the print job to it. None of this would be a problem if we had ever gone to an actually paperless office or stopped sending faxes. Seriously, why are we still sending faxes in 2021? 


Chapter 3

Smart Devices might not make us dumb

So in my attempt at good news reporting…

Smart devices aren’t making is dumb after all.


So it turns out just as I suspected that using your smart devices to remember and do things for you gives you more brain power to think about other things.

University professor Anthony Chemero and his team from the University of Cincinnati published a paper in the journal Nature Human Behaviour where they explain how smartphones and smart devices seem to actually free up our minds to focus on other things and do not negatively affect our cognitive abilities. 

Chapter 4

Billionaires in Space

More good news A Billionaire went to space. That is all I am going to say about that.



In perhaps bad news, he came back.

Chapter 5

This week’s moment of Zen

I really love this guy’s Photoshop work putting himself in pictures with Disney characters. Really great work.



Chapter 6? 


Not sure Mad Libs works as a podcast but as a live video on YouTube it did okay. Should I keep that?