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WordPress Log 6kLinks and Information About WordPress

January 2015 Edition

Here is a list of plugins, sites, ideas, and links to material about WordPress,
resources to help with Blogging in general, and help with Social Media.


You can download WordPress from (not to be confused with

Download WordPress:

Download Themes:

Download Plugins:


Free Images:


Not Free Images:


Free Image Editing Tools:


Gimp for Windows:


Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Site:

Shrink Images

WP Smushit:

EWWW Image Optimizer:


Cache or Minify JavaScript and CSS:



Site Caching:

WP Super Cache:



Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft:

Google XML Sitemaps


Page Speed Testing Sites:

Google Page Speed:

Pingdom Web Test:



Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools


Security Plugins and Sites for WordPress:

WordFence: (My favorite, also I use their caching tool instead of WP Super Cache)

iThemes Security:



Scheduling and Planning Posts

WP Scheduled Posts:

Hubspot Excel Spreadsheet: (requires creating account)


Suggested Books:

The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzsimmons


WordPress: From Setup to Website by Roy Richardson


Social Sharing Plugins:

WP to Twitter:

Jetpack for WordPress (comes with WordPress but must be activated) Free mostly

WP Social Share:

Cresta Social Share:

Social Warfare: (Costs money)

WordPress: Backup before going Forward (Part 1)

You know the best way to protect your site from hackers? Backup. Do you know the best way to be able to recover from issues on your WordPress site? Backup. Why do I say that? Because if something bad happens to your site, a backup will allow you to return to a known point of time when everything was working as expected. Also in the case of hackers, it is so much easier to see what was changed if your site is hacked by comparing with what was there before the hack. Granted if the hack has been discretely happening you may not know. And while it would be a pain, you could restore from day one and move forward slowly with restores until then.

This will talk about how to backup your site using cPanel’s built in tools. This assumes your provider uses cPanel.


cPanel’s backup pushes everything into one large compressed file. (If you ever have to restore, you go into the Backups option to see the restore option). If you are switching providers, then you can restore your site using these tools onto any provider using cPanel. Here you see the screen for Backups and Backup Wizard.

Cpanel Files Backup

When you choose Backup (or you can use the Backup Wizard which ends up in the same place), it takes you here:

Cpanel Backup Screen

If you click on “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup” it will backup your website, database, home directories, email settings and all.

This sends you to this screen. Click “Generate Backup” and when the backup finishes it will send you an email to your favorite email address.

cpanel full backup


The email arrives and looks like this:


Then you need to visit the Cpanel site to download your backup.

Going back into the Backup screen will take you to this screen that will show you your backup.

Notice the Backups Available for Download. Download this file. Noticed it is time and date stamped so you will know when it was a backup from. This file is in tar and Gzip format. In Linux operating systems tar is a compression utility that uses tape archiving methodologies to create the file. Then the file is sent through Gzip which compresses it even more. If you wanted to open this file to see what was inside, you would need a utility like 7zip. You would first need to uncompress the Gzip file, then it would produce a tar file which you can then uncompress again which will give you the file and folders contained inside the compressed file.



If you needed to restore, cPanel’s restore expects the file to be in gzip format so don’t delete these file until you are sure you are done with it.

In “WordPress: Backup before going Forward (Part 2)” we talk about phpMyAdmin and sftp.