Episode 11: Season 1 Finale

In this episode:

he-one-off-technology-podcast-aroyrichardson Christmas Episode Season 1 Finale

We talk about the Technology we are thankful for and our Christmas wishlists.

Chuck is in town and in the studio. Normally Chuck and I record over a Skype session but Chuck was in town and we decided to do something special by recording the episode live and in person together. We hope you get a kick out of the things we are thankful for. It is a long list.  It is an amazing episode. We hope you enjoy!

Caution: this episode is sarcasm and snark heavy but well worth the trouble. Also listen for the dog bark.


Here is the keyboard Chuck was fussing about. My Logitech k811 Bluetooth Mac Keyboard

Logitech K811 Mac Bluetooth keyboard


Here is my Fitbit Charge

My Fitbit Charge


And here I am at the Google Campus with Kit Kat. (I weighed more then.)

Me and KitKat at the Google Campus


Episode 8: Do you know where I am? Ask my Cell Phone.

Mobile Phones and Apps

Episode 8

Do you know where I am? Ask my Cell Phone.

In this episode we talk about Privacy or lack thereof on our cell phones and other mobile devices. Bad apps that track you. Bad apps that don’t respect you. And of course, how the government can use your cell phone to track you because you can’t turn off location tracking 100% on your phone. Did you know Verizon has a Super Cookie to track you and link to your phone for advertisers?

Verizon Wireless and the FCC Settlement

AT&T Drops Super Cookie tracking

Lessons on protecting your privacy on your mobile devices

Supposedly Facebook Doesn’t listen in to your conversations

Wikipedia Entry on Mobile Phone tracking

Reasons why Google Android OS is so fragmented and will it ever be fixed.